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I’ve placed, what I deem to be a key portions of the text, to highlight the disingenuousness of the biased media.

Muslims are not known for their lack of violent behavior when Islamic sensibilities are ‘offended’, in fact, they are well known for taking to the streets and voicing their anger and supposed frustrations against the host society. They are also well known to lie to the non-believer in order to advance the cause of Islam.

Have some attacks taken place? I’m sure that they have, but again, each case is highly suspect since some of those ”being attacked”, have been found doing the damage in order to appear the victim.

Then there is the portion of text that mentions Malmö as a bastion of antisemitic behavior, but then makes no mention whatsoever that the antisemtism being expressed, is coming exclusively from the Islamic immigrant community. It is the Jews who are regularly being victimized by Muslims due to traditional Islamic antisemitism, and the spike of these incidents when Israel is negatively mentioned in the news. Notice how the Muslims piggyback that situation and use it to present themselves as the victim, while all along it is their members doing the attacking.

NOTE: The central mosque in Sweden has been the center of antisemitic incidents, as well as a member imam funneling weapons to jihadis in Syria.

Mosque swastika attack ‘no isolated incident’

The central Stockholm mosque. File photo: Ann Törnkvist


“Each incident may seem isolated, but people are targeting Jews, Muslims , homosexuals, Roma. All those who don’t blend in with the picture of how to be in Sweden,” she said.

The city of Malmö has been particularly affected by anti-Semitic violence in recent years. In December 2010, the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Centre issued a warning to Jews  advising them to avoid travelling to southern Sweden.

Omar Mustafa think it is important to highlight the hatred and the threats that various groups are exposed to. At the same time, he expressed understanding for those who elect not to file a police report.

“The vast majority of Muslim congregations who become victims choose to remain silent in order not to provoke new hate crimes,” he said.

When asked about the development over time Omar Mustafa replied:

“This kind of hate message has been around all the time but it goes a bit up and down and in line with global events. When Muslims, for example, are described negatively in news reports threats often increase.”

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