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Saying what all gun owners already know to be true.

I just watched an old episode of Family Ties on Netflix, in which the hippy pacifists have their home robbed and decide to buy a gun against their better judgement.

family ties buy a gun

The way in which it was treated during the show, the gun that is, showed how they would eventually end the episode, by getting rid of it and taking their chances that they will never need it.

family ties buy a gun2

The Left’s argumentation, like the rest of their ideologically driven views, is built upon fluffy utopian dreams of world peace and candy caned lined streets. If only we are the first to make the unilateral move, the other side, no matter how despotic and brutal, will see the wisdom and respond in a reciprocal fashion.

But reality has a way of biting you in the rear in spite of preconceived notions, it just doesn’t work that way, deterrence is the only message thugs will listen to.


by AWR HAWKINS 3 Jan 2014 

On January 2nd, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said that “good community members who have concealed weapons permits” (CCWs) deter crime and save lives.

Craig admitted he did not have this view when he worked as a police officer in Los Angeles for 28 years because he never got to see concealed carry in action: “It takes an act of Congress to get a concealed carry permit” in Los Angeles.

But according to The Detroit News, when Craig moved from the LAPD to Portland, Maine–“where they give out lots of CCWs”–he realized that criminals in Maine were hesitant because they knew “good Americans were armed.”

Craig said upon first arriving in Maine, CCW permit applications stacked up on his desk because “that was [his] orientation”; he had been conditioned to think that CCWs were of little value, so his efforts to approve applications were minimal. That changed, however, as he paid attention to crime stats; now, as Detroit Chief of Police, he is praising the advantage of an armed citizenry.

To be clear, Craig still supports many facets of gun control, but it is encouraging to see an urban police chief openly applaud CCWs.

More here.

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