Cuba Racism



Yet another Leftist myth (of being anti-racist) hung out to dry.

One of the biggest ruses issued by the Left is that they are pro-minority, pro-multi ethnicity. What they actually are, are statist control freaks, and they’ll use any means possible to lure people into voting for them and supporting their causes.


by FRANCES MARTEL 30 Dec 2013 

Weeks after Nelson Mandela’s death rekindled a false admiration among some on the left for the racial equality of Fidel Castro’s Cuba, the Wall Street Journal‘s Mary Anastasia O’Grady comes out swinging at the myth that Afro-Cubans are better off under communism.

O’Grady notes that 2009 estimates place the black or mixed population between 60% and 70% of Cuba’s citizens, but there are no officials of color in the upper echelons of Cuban leadership. The torture and humiliation Afro-Cuban dissidents face upon being arrested is often exacerbated by their skin color.

Using the example of political prisoner Eusebio Peñalver–who was in Castro’s gulags longer than Mandela toiled in prison–O’Grady notes that, according to all fair accounts of his prison sentence, “it is clear that he suffered more because he was black.” Other white prisoners observed that his torture was more severe, because, according to O’Grady, he “interfered with Castro’s narrative” of racial equality. That suffering, according to his personal account, included being forced to “eat grass, [being] submerged in sewage,” and extensive beatings. Peñalver died in prison to little fanfare, while Castro’s ally Mandela became an international icon despite condoning Peñalver’s death through silence.

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