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italy tuscany contaminated with toxic waste 30.12.2013

It burst like a bomb in the pre-Christmas peace of the Tuscan town of Prato: Italy’s top mafia investigator, prosecutor Franco Roberti said shortly before the holidays that the Mafia verscharre toxic waste here at Prato in Tuscany. “Investigators have discovered a landfill in Prato”, the areas in the south of Italy around Naples were “saturated”, so the Mafia soft in other parts of Italy from. Lead, arsenic, dioxin as a silent time bomb now under the picturesque hills around Florence?

“That’s impossible,” replies a local reporter on the phone, almost indignant at the question. Even local politicians protested the Mayor of Prato, Roberto Cenni said. “We know nothing of such a landfill on our urban area” And the MPs of the Democratic Party, Matteo Bifoni, felt compelled to defend the honor of his native city of Prato via Twitter: “Mr. Prosecutor, think carefully before you say such a thing!”

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