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At this time every year, it’s the same old, worn out anti-Semitism.


This is about a church in London, St.James church to be exact, that allowed a replica of the anti-terrorist barrier (a wall here) to be built on its premises in a propaganda effort to delegitimize the Jewish state during the Christmas season. The security fence, that runs a course along the line of cessation of hostilities (commonly referred to as the ‘Green Line’) from the 48′ War of Independence, is there to keep homicidal maniac Islamoterrorists out of Israel.

What this church is doing, in highlighting the walled portion of the security fence (a wall so snipers can’t target Jews from their rooftops) is by default, championing a return of the days when Arabs had it easy in murdering Jews. I couldn’t find anything more disgusting and anti-Semitic than that.

H/T: Picture sent by Vlad.

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