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One of the rare times I have agreed with Glenn Greenwald.

I will only say this about the confrontation, that it highlights the absurd notion of impartiality that journalists like to pretend adhering to. All journalism is biased, it’s only the honest ones who admit to it. This is exactly the point the late Andrew Breitbart was making, everyone is entitled to their points of view and they way that they cover the news, the only thing the consumer is demanding, or should be, is that the news being presented is accurate, and in context.

Glenn Greenwald Takes One More Swipe at MSNBC, and It’s Pretty Brutal

by Noah Rothman | 8:24 am, December 27th, 2013

The Guardian investigative reporter Glenn Greenwald caused a stir on Thursday when his interview on MSNBC about his contacts with NSA leaker Edward Snowden  evolved into a debate over the journalistic ethics of MSNBC itself. Greenwald said that, even though he is protective of Snowden as a source, he is still a journalist as are those pro-Obama reporters who appear on that network.

On Friday, Greenwald took to his personal blog where he clarified some of the claims that he made on MSNBC on Thursday. He began by noting that he was clearly not, as fill-in host Kristen Welkerpointed out, accusing every host or contributor on the network of being protective of the president. “The indisputable point is that many, many people calling themselves journalists on MSNBC do exactly that,” Greenwald asserted.

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“My main point was to note the stunning irony of being told on MSNBC – of all places – that a journalist ‘crosses the line’ by expressing opinions and having political agendas,” he continued. To reinforce this point, he linked to a Poynter analysis of MSNBC’s election coverage which found that the network ran zero positive pieces about Mitt Romney in the last week of the campaign and a Pew Research Center report which found the network was harder on Romney than Fox News was of Obama.

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