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And the ‘Lords and Ladies’ of multiculturalism say move along, nothing to see here.


I can guarantee that if asked, the overwhelming majority of the people would opt for a reverse situation, but they were never asked, at least not by the ruling parties who have upheld the status quo during the entire period of their social reegineering of British society.

NOTE: Happening elsewhere outside the West, it would be deemed colonialism.

Nine in 10 babies born in parts of Britain have a foreign parent

Iain Duncan Smith vows to end ‘something for nothing’ culture for migrants as official figures reveal that nine in 10 babies born in parts of Britain have a foreign parent

Iain Duncan Smith announces that migrants whose grasp of English is so poor that they will struggle to find work could be denied benefits

Iain Duncan Smith: Migrants from Romania and Bulgaria cannot expect to get ‘something for nothing’ Photo: Geoff Pugh

By Steven Swinford, Senior Political Correspondent

10:00PM GMT 21 Dec 2013

Almost nine in 10 babies born in parts of Britain have at least one foreign-born parent, official figures have revealed for the first time.

The Office for National Statistics disclosed that in 2012 more than 80 per cent of babies born in three London boroughs had either one or both parents born outside the UK.

Across London, nearly seven in 10 babies had at least one non-British father or mother, while across England and Wales the figure was one in three.

The figures were published amid concerns that hundreds of thousands of migrants from Romania and Bulgaria could come to Britain when restrictions are lifted in the New Year.

The two countries are the poorest in the EU, and there are fears that a new wave of migrants will add to pressure on the NHS, the jobs market and the welfare state.

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  1. It is colonialism, full stop. Just because it’s happening to white Europeans does not make it somehow right or less morally offensive, as I’m sure some of the usual suspects on the political left feel.

    You have no idea how much this story makes my heart lurch. To think of the possibility that the U.K, one of the greatest and grandest of all Western nations, could succumb to an Islamic future is just… words cannot express my disgust and absolute grief.

    I dream of a day where London is restored to it’s proper English grandeur. Where it is a beautiful place to visit, full of history and wonder, and full of Englishmen and women, not third world invaders. I want so very badly for that dream to come true, but stories like this make it seem like a foolish impossibility. I sincerely hope the people of the U.K. start taking back their country, before it’s too late.

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