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  1. Does the journalist who is interviewing Wilders hear himself? Does he ever consider
    the words he threw at Geert Wilders could/should be thrown forcibly at the invading hoards of Islam? See 3:44

    “There are also people who say that by announcing this with so much passion you are planting the seeds of division”

    Why doesn’t this interviewer recognize the perpetually insulting prayers which not only “plant” but cement the “seeds of division”? To being with, the adhan -call to prayer- no clearer announcement in Islam is an insult to those in hearing range, BLASTED through public airwaves five times a day. In the course of praying the requisite five prayers a day, an observant Muslim will recite the Fatihah, … cursing the Infidel 17 times/day in prayer.
    Why is the journalist’s concern/outrage absent there?
    Why does this journalist yield to ‘sacred texts’ of Islam, the same texts which hold Jews and Christians as ‘people of the book’ yet condemn them as apes and pigs?
    Suicidal insanity on the part of the ‘journalist’.
    May Geert Wilders know the deep gratitude we have for his staunch fortitude and insistence on pursuing the truth. God bless and protect Geert Wilders – for the sake of ALL humanity!

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