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If they had their way, we wouldn’t even have to vote.


I’ve always wondered about the inconsistency in the thinking that we are smart enough to ‘vote correctly’ for our candidates, but not smart enough to think for ourselves. Somehow once a person enters public office, he or she becomes more smart, and above all, more virtuous, than the people in the private sector who placed them there. It’s an amazing thing, it has to be the water filtering system in public buildings that’s to blame.

NOTE: It’s one reason why I could never become a bona fide liberal, I would have to place more trust in elected officials than I have in myself, in order to live my life. You would think young people would naturally latch on to the thought, instead of succumbing to government paternalism.

For those of you who have Netflix, check out Star Trek Voyager, 2nd season, episode 18. It might help to click on a light bulb for you, that we need not hand over our general welfare and become a child to the parent state. We need difficulties in our lives to help us grow and to achieve as individuals, we become less when we hand over all of our sovereignty in exchange for comfort and piece of mind.

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