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Here’s Hani Masri with Hillary Clinton’s Muslim Brotherhood connected political adviser, Huma Abedinyabadabadoo.

masri and muslim brotherhood scumbag human abedinadabadoo

The Finnish magazine Suomen Kuvalehti, provides the propagandizing Arab with a powder puff interview to cement the meme in advance of the failure to come, the peace process failure that is. Supposedly it’s going to be all Israel’s fault if it (Israel) doesn’t fall upon its own sword and capitulate to all of the Arabs’ demands.

That’s the reason for the travelling around Europe, sewing the seeds of Israel hatred prior to the inevitable abandonment (temporarily that is) of the peace process game, in order to pry open tightened purse strings in Europe and to justify any ratcheting up of the violence from the Arabs. Carl in J’lem over Israel Matzav has his own take on the success of a 3rd ‘intifadah”

NOTE: Hack journalist, Katri Merikallio (in burka below), has to be infatuated with the Arabs, so much so, that she brought her family to a bedouin’s home for a little Arabophilia 101. I doubt we’ll ever see a similar one of her and her family in the home of a Jew in Judea or Samaria. A TT colleague opines:

katri merikallio burka

Poor kids. Mommy dragging them to see how wonderful Bedouin life is. Yeah, it isn’t. Unless you love barbarism, living in filth, women having no rights, female mutilation, lack of health services and camel shit.

All one big happy family until the ax head falls.


NOTE: The article is nothing more than, Israel did this…whine, whine, whine, the Jews did that…..whine whine whine…..

A Palestinian man smuggling tunnel in the Gaza-Egypt border of 9 December. © AFP Photo /

A Palestinian man in a smuggling tunnel on the Gaza-Egypt border of 9December. © AFP PHOTO /

The Palestinians make an appeal: Help us, or face an uprising

The peace talks are stuck, construction of settlements accelerate.

12/18/2013 | Updated 18/12/2013 18:35

At the same time, when the fighting is tearing Syria and the revolution in Egypt wavers, the Palestinians have tried to quietly negotiate with Israel to end the occupation of the Palestinian territories. The results were not encouraging.

[TT: All lies. The Arabs have not once in the existence of their movement honestly negotiated to end the conflict.]


“We need a new intifada. But we are ready to negotiate. ”

Masri believes that only when the Israeli government sees that the occupation of the disadvantages outweigh its benefits, it will begin to negotiate in earnest.

The Palestinians have already been two uprising against Israeli occupation. They have killed more than a thousand Israelis and more than five thousand Palestinians.

Masri is hard to see how Israel can not see their own interests.

[TT: That’s the reason for the visit, preparing the way for a new launch of violence. Israel has always seen the benefit of peace for the region, but you can’t make peace with an entity that desperately wants to drive you into the sea. Islam forbids land already deemed to be in Muslim hands from ever being in the hands of the non-Muslim. The Muslims still long for the return of Spain for crying out loud, and who knows, the way the Spaniards are behaving, they’ll soon get their wish.]

More here in Finnish.


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