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Socialism always fails to live up to its utopian promises.

As Obamabots and the Democrat party (helped along by RINOs from the formerly conservative Republican party) plow full steam ahead into socialist socialized medicine.


Markus Henriksson from the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health, Valvira, denies that Finland’s standard of cancer care has deteriorated. He claims Finland is still a world leader in the treatment of the disease, although he admits that patients must sometimes queue for treatment and that it would be good if the wait was shorter.

NOTE: Get used to that word my fellow Americans, QUEUE. I you don’t repeal Obamacare in full, it’s there to stay.

Finnish cancer care “mediocre” says health tourism firm

Chairman of the Board and co-founder Mika Heinonen believes that health tourism is a rapidly growing business. His company, Medifi, flies patients to India for cancer treatment. However, Valvira and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is not as enthusiastic about the benefits of care abroad.

Espoolainen Eija Heinonen valmistautumassa sädehoitoon täsmäsädehoitolaitteessa intialaisessa sairaalassa.
Health tourism sees some Finnish patients seeking cancer care in India. Image: Yle

Some patients in Finland are not content with the public health system and are choosing the fast tracked, cheaper option of going overseas, rather than going private at home. Medifi began operations last summer, with its key remit being to fly patients out for health care in different countries. According to CEO Mika Heinonen, there are no similar companies in Finland – at least not yet.

“We intend to expand our operations in Sweden and Russia. Easy surgery patients are exported to Estonia and difficult surgeries to India,” says Heinonen.

The easy surgical procedures he refers to are simple day surgeries, the more difficult, for example, cancer surgery. Estonia is already a popular choice for so-called health tourists from Finland. The company also plans to extend operations to Sweden and Russia.

Is Finland’s level of care slipping?

Medifi’s marketing claims that the Finland’s supposed top quality health care is not all it’s cracked up to be. For example, cancer treatment is not as good as commonly believed. Heinonen goes so far as to describe it as “mediocre” all the time.

He claims to be well acquainted with the Finnish public health system due to 14 years experience as a nurse. He originally trained as a practical nurse and later acquired qualifications as a registered nurse, as well as becoming a certified tour guide.

India’s private hospitals have modern equipment and its doctors are trained at first rate universities. Private care is less expensive than in the west — a single treatment trip to India costs a patient around five thousand euros, according to Heinonen.

Health tourism is a fast growing sector in India and Medifi claims it has airlifted between one and four patients there each month since summer this year.

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