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Sweden is far from being a normal democracy.

Someone threw a bomb through the mail slot. This is a cowardly attack they did, it was just lucky that nobody was seriously injured, said Dahlberg

The evil demonization of the Sweden Democrats by the official organs of the Swedish political /media and cultural elite are, in part, to blame for the ramping up of violence against the members of this political party. Just this past November a car belonging to a SD politician was the target of a bomb explosion.

NOTE: The online news organization, The Local, has been one of those in the media helping to smear this party.

Oh, and the police say:

According to the police is no explicit threat against SD politician.
– Nothing that we know of yet, but we are investigating to get a picture of the events, says Magnus Lefèvre.

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Bomb detonates at Sweden Democrat home

Unknown assailants set off an explosive device at the home of a Sweden Democrat politician in the south on Tuesday. The blast peeled off the inside of the door, but left the three people inside unharmed.

“At the moment, this has been classified as vandalism that endangers the public (allmänfarlig ödeläggelse),” Michael Carlzon, Malmö police spokesman, told Sveriges Television (SVT). “Usually when it comes to explosives, it is classified as aggravated assault, but that could change.”

The police said there were no registered threats against the man or his family. The victim was recently outed by the tabloid Expressen, which published the names of several Sweden Democrat party representatives who had left controversial comments on sites such as Avpixlat. Among other statements, he said Swedes had to take up arms to “defend their country”, SVT reported.

“The man in the family represents the Sweden Democrats, but we don’t have a motive nor a suspect,” Carlzon said.

Forensic officers scoured the blast-damaged door and the flat for clues, while police spoke with neighbours.

The Expressen newspaper reported that the family had been taken to a safe location by the police.

Sweden Democrat party secretary Björn Söder told SVT the blast could be due to the recent revelations made public by Expressen and the leftwing Researchgruppen team of investigative reporters.

“It’s easy to think this is a consequence of the Expressen campaign, where a number of Sweden Democrats were hung out to dry,” Söder told SVT.

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