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Stab victim gave dying testimony of how knife attacker ”went nuts”

A court heard how Darren Harwood told how he was trying to protect his girlfriend Keyleigh Wright after Mehmet Ozen lunged at her with a knife

Killed: Charlotte Piccaver
Killed: Charlotte Piccaver

A man fatally stabbed by his girlfriend’s landlord in a row over rent gave a dying testimony of the bloody attack, a court heard.

Darren Harwood told how he was trying to protect Keyleigh Wright, 24, when Mehmet Ozen, 41, lunged at her with a kitchen knife.

Keyleigh escaped with cuts but her friend Charlotte Piccaver, 26, and Darren were knifed in the neck, a jury heard.

Charlotte died at the scene but, before an emergency operation, Darren told how Ozen had “gone off”.

The court heard he said: “It was at my girlfriend and her flatmate. I went to her. Then he went nuts. He started stabbing me.”

Darren, 26, died in surgery from a severed artery.

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