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This is the biggest crime of this century.

The current situation is all the more tragic because Christianity has its roots in the Middle East. In Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Egypt, Christians were a majority in the region well before of the arrival of Islam. At the time of the Arab conquest, Jews and Christians were treated as minorities under the protection of Islam.

The Islamic meme of protection of minorities under Islam is highly disingenuous, or in other words, an outright lie. People living in fear of the majority, is not akin to being ‘protected’, it’s akin to being victimized in an area run by organized crime, pay up, or else.

NOTE: The journalist here is smoking a hookah full of hash, there is no way Christians or Jews or any other minority (not Muslim) will be deemed as equals in a Muslim state, not even Shiites in a Sunni state and vice versa.

We will all lose if Christians flee the Middle East

The international community must insist that Christians remain in the Middle East, not just as minorities, but as citizens with full equality under the law

Holding fast: Iraqi Christians attend a Christmas service at Saint Joseph's Chaldean Catholic Church in central Baghdad

Holding fast: Iraqi Christians attend a Christmas service at Saint Joseph’s Chaldean Catholic Church in central Baghdad Photo: AP

By Louis Raphael Sako

11:00AM GMT 13 Dec 2013

For almost two millennia Christian communities have lived in Iraq, Syria, Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East. These groups have contributed economically, politically, and intellectually, and have helped shape their respective cultures. Unfortunately, in the 21st century Middle Eastern Christians are being severely persecuted. When they have the means, many are fleeing the region.

This exodus and its causes, largely ignored in the West, constitute a growing crisis with both humanitarian and security implications. In most of these countries, Islamist extremists see Christians as an obstacle to their plans. Some nations, dominated by extremist ideas, do not want so-called “Arab Spring” democracy. Freedom and pluralism are dangerous to them and their goals.

Unfortunately, some in the West are encouraging the emigration of Christians. Each month families in good economic situations leave for good. Many young Christians, especially those who are well educated, are fleeing. For example, the United Nations Committee for Refugees recently estimated that 850,000 Iraqi Christians have left since 2003. This is an immense loss for those who stay, as well as for Iraqi culture and politics.

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  1. Of course, the Left in Western countries wish to see the entire world purged of Christianity, so to them this is a good thing, hence, I don’t expect to see much focus on this tragedy.

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