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This is a two edged sword, on the one hand it forces Muslims to learn about other religions, while on the other hand it forces Christians and Jews to learn about Islam while cementing Islam into a regular feature in Finnish daily life. No doubt the Islam that they’ll teach the infidel will be the sugar coated version which will only serve to further obfuscate the real truth about that destructive ideology.

MPs propose religious education revamp in schools

A cross-party trio of MPs wants to see reform in the way religion is taught in Finnish schools. At present pupils learn in groups based on their own religion, but the MPs want to see mixed classes developed to reflect a more secular and multi-religious society.

Risti ikkunamaalauksessa.
Image: Petri Aaltonen / Yle

The politicians say they want to spark a discussion on the current system of religious education in Finnish schools. That discussion would help inform a working group at the National Board of Education which is currently considering the religious curriculum. The goal is for pupils to learn the secular parts of the curriculum in mixed classes, but remain in religious groups when taught their own religion.

“The new education plan is due in 2016,” says Outi Alanko-Kahiluoto of the Green League, who has joined Johanna Eloranta of the SDP and Sanna Lauslahti of the National Coalition party in proposing the reform.

“We would hope that especially the members of the working group will react to the proposal. We have not yet discussed the issue with them.”

Finland national curriculum was last renewed in 2004. This time the MPs want to see changes in the religious instruction provided to pupils. Children from different religious traditions would be taught about religions other than their own, and ethics,  in mixed groups, rather than in groups separated by religious affiliation.

“Not an ideal model”

They would still learn their own religion in segregated groups, however.

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  1. “Muslim families are concerned that Islam is more than a religion, it is also a culture,” said Alanko-Kahiluoto. “They could feel that if the religion is not taught in schools, it isn’t valued either, and that could affect motivation to attend school.”

    Ahhh, and therein lies the crux of the matter. No Muslim worth their salt is going to sit idly by and watch their children be exposed, and in a favourable matter no less! to infidel religions.

    While in theory it might be a good idea to expose Muslim children to alternatives to their destructive ideology, I feel in practice this would utterly fail to translate into results. More likely, it would only increase the scorn Muslim children feel towards other religions, and you can bet their parents at home are actively refuting anything positive about other religions they are taught at school. All it would do is have the negative impact on Finnish children about getting a watered down “Islam is a religion of peace” which would dilute the very real threat of the ideology. I’m not at all familiar with Finnish politics, so is there any chance this is going to pass?

    As an aside, since I haven’t heard much about Finland (except from this blog, which I’m admittedly new to), what is the scale of the Islamic incursion there? Is it as bad as Sweden, or is Finland one of the safer ones right now? Are the Finnish people at all aware of what’s happening to their fellow Scandinavians or are they just as asleep as the rest of Europe?

    1. Hi der Kanadier, thanks for the comments. To answer your question, Finland is currently way below the level of Muslims many European states are dealing with, especially that of her closest neighbors, but still, seems doggedly set on tracing the same set of worn footprints. On the other hand, they talk a big game, but are slow to implement, but then again, they do not wish to seem bucking the EU trend. It’s a mixed bag.

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