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Outside the fact that it’s completely hypocritical, the garment worn becomes a means for a perp to twist the neck of the arresting officer.

It’s a safety risk. If a woman is so devoutly driven to don the headscarf, meaning that she’s ‘sharia complaint’, how can she square the fact that she’ll be forced to handle men not from her own family, let alone shake hands with them? This is pure nonsense.

Canada split over hijab-style Muslim police uniform

Canada split over hijab-style Muslim police uniform
© Edmonton Police Service

City authorities in Edmonton, Alberta, have unveiled a new hijab-style headscarf as part of its police uniform for Muslim women officers. Not all Canadian provinces, notably French-speaking Quebec, want to follow suit.

By Ségolène ALLEMANDOU (text)

Police in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, this weekend unveiled official hijab-style headscarvesapproved for use by female Muslim officers, in a move that has revealed a growing split in attitudes towards the wearing of religious symbols across the country.

The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) said in a press release that the the hijab-style headscarf, which covers the hair and neck but not the face, was designed to “reflect the changing diversity in the community, and to facilitate the growing interest in policing careers from Edmonton’s Muslim community”.

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  1. Here is a suggestion: Current ties are meant to release when tugged upon. Hats come off when tugged upon. What about the hijab? If they don’t easily release, then the bad guys can simply grab that to try and slam an officer’s head into the pavement.

  2. Don’t even swallow this drivel. State and police actors of Ontario and Alberta may be clapping their hands at this foolhardy and shariah-compliant decision, the average people of Ontario and Alberta most certainly do not. Nor do most Canadians. Canada is not “split” on this, Canadians by and large think this is absolute stupidity. Albertans, outside Calgary and Edmonton, are the Texans of Canada. They love their guns, they love their oil, they’re mostly right-wing. They’re not the type to allow a hijabed police officer be any sort of state authority.

    I attend university in a fairly “enriched” city in Canada, and I have not seen a single police officer sporting these odious uniforms. Do you know why? Because Muslim women are not falling all over themselves to be police officers, and if they’re devout enough to be agitating for the hijab uniforms, they’re devout enough to be the type to refuse to so much as look in the eyes of another man. Real ideal candidates for police officers!

    This decision has made me embarrassed to be a Canadian.

  3. Once again: “Diversity” divides, unity unites.

    Mohammedanism divides infidel nation states. Now just take it a bit further and imagine your daughter has just been raped by a Muselmaniac and when you go to report it, your local police chief turns out to be a Mustard who knows the perp from the mosque.

    What are your chances to get justice under these circumstances?

    And that is already happening.

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