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They all deserve some mighty hard time.

If the current feeble GOP wasn’t fearful of the Democrat race-baiter radicals (lets face it, Obama’s candidacy was pushed solely because he was black, not because he was qualified) many within the Obama administration crime syndicate would be in the slammer. That’s the evil genius behind Obama’s political career, elevate a radical leftist to the highest office in the land, and GOP will be loathe to take him and his administration to task due to their continual priming of the race-baiting racket in order to keep constitution minded people at bay….. for fear of being called ”racist”. That has been their modus operandi before, and since taking office.


Movement To IMPEACH AG Holder:

Crimes Surpass Articles of Impeachment. Jail Time Warranted…

Commentary By Adina Kutnicki
Posted on December 7, 2013

Calls to impeach a sitting POTUS should never be wielded as a political weapon. Concomitantly, neither should demands for his AG’s impeachment be utilized as a tool to trifle with. For if there is no there there, then the only losers are the American people and the winners are partisan hacks. Besides, serious times call for serious measures, devoid of malice aforethought.

NONETHELESS, there are few more “deserving” within Obama Inc. than AG Holder, to be the recipient of articles of impeachment. Yes, there are countless others of equal (dis)repute within Obama’s regime gone wild, but first things first.

How so? Well, if the basis therein is to hold to account those who break the laws of the land with impunity, endanger national security within the confines of “legal” cover, then there is no more worthy address than that of the top law enforcement official of the land, AG Holder!

Where to begin…his crimes are so vast and multifaceted…but at the beginning:

Indictment Number 1 – 

When does a pile up of dead bodies NOT lead to criminal indictments? HINT: When perpetrated by the Obama regime. 

Indictment Number 2 –

And when the arm which collects taxpayer funds to the point of nothing short of highway robbery in broad daylight – to fund their socialist schemes, then turns around and gains “legal” imprimatur – know that the AG is deeply in the mix. As such, how scary is it to hear that 

IRS enforcement agents will be armed with SHOTGUNS (hidden within Obamacare dictates), as law abiding citizens are disarmed, under the pretext of tax collection! Wondering, where is this truly headed?

Read it all here.

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