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In a way, her attitude of the Arabs is as typical as it is understandable, they (the Arabs) commit atrocities at the drop of a hat and that’s what we’ve come to expect from them. On the surface, Arabs can be some of the nicest people on earth, and many a European is taken in by this warm display of hospitality, but cross one of their taboos, Islamic, cultural or otherwise, and your head will be handed to you on a plate.

Swedish ISM ‘peace activists’, one disguised as an orthodox Jew hamming it up with Kalashnikovs on loan from their Palestinian Arab buddy terrorists.

Swede ISM dressed as observant jew

I have no problem with the Arabs, but spare me the Europeans

A few weeks ago, a Palestinian threw a Molotov cocktail at a car driven by Jews on the road that connects east and west Gush Etzion. Miraculously, the mother managed to free her injured children from the car and they were taken to hospital in mild-to-moderate condition. The car was completely burnt-out.

Ever since, residents of east Gush Etzion have been picketing the nearby junction in order to encourage the Israel Defense Forces to maintain a regular presence there. An interesting addition to the usual mix of settlers, Arabs and soldiers has emerged in recent weeks – a group of leftist Europeans wearing vests with lots of pockets and keffiyehs tied around their necks.

Every party has a role to play in this roadside political theater. Our role is to stand underneath a shaded canopy and distribute bottles with flowers to drivers, as a way of showing that the bottles can be used for a more positive purpose than making firebombs. The Arabs’ role is to look like they’re being oppressed. The role of the IDF is to say they have insufficient manpower and that we are unnecessarily​ challenging them. The role of the newest actors, the Europeans, is ostensibly to protect the Arabs from us settlers.

I have no problem with the Arabs. They do what is expected of them. But I really don’t like these newest players. They are a group of people who don’t let the facts cloud their judgment – the fact that an attempt was made to burn us alive, and the fact that we are the ones under threat. We are invisible to them; as is our basic right to life. Most of the Arabs around us don’t want a war and don’t want to kill Jews. The Europeans incite them against us, and try to shatter the few moments of silence we get with general – and not particularly intelligent — criticism.

Last week a big party was held at the intersection. A huge tent was pitched, there was music and lots of alcohol. Soldiers asked us to move the tent and gestured towards the nearby field. The party organizer headed to speak to the Arab owner of the field, and asked him how much money he would like to rent out the space. The Arab told him he wouldn’t take any money for a one-night party. The next day, I saw a gathering of Europeans and Palestinians near the tent, and I’m willing to bet that they noted in their report that a Jewish tent was illegally erected on Palestinian land. But normal neighborly relations don’t make headlines or get photographed, and they don’t excite anyone. They can’t go home and say ‘Palestine? Oh, everything’s great there. Occasionally some Arabs try to kill some Jews, but apart from that they get along just fine.”

More here. H/T: Doris Wise Montrose

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