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It was not just their business, it was their home.

Regardless of where you fall on homosexual issues, the right of people to have opinions and values contrary to yours, and not be punished by the court system because of them, is crucial for the overall health of a free society.

christian couple loses b and b in uk in gay couple court case 1.12.2013

Pub owners, restaurants and hotel chains in the UK frequently discriminate against political groups with whom they disagree, which is their right. The same right should be allowed for people who believe that homosexuality (for whatever the reason) is not a part of their value system.

This ruling by the court is an outrage, there is not a lack of facilities that could cater to the needs of the homosexual couple, what they wanted to do is ‘force’ their lifestyle on them, as do the adherents of sharia driven Islam do on the greater non-Islamic society.

I see no difference between the actions of the two said groups in this instance, both involve the protected pet projects of the Left complaining about ‘discrimination’ by Christian B&B owners who end up losing their livelihood because of it.

Also in the US: Court Orders Christian Bed & Breakfast to Accommodate Homosexuals After Denying Bed to Lesbians

Christian B&B owners lose Supreme Court appeal: forced to sell business after gay couple complains


  • Thu Nov 28, 2013 17:06 EST

LONDON, November 28, 2013 ( – Peter and Hazelmary Bull, the Christian hoteliers fined for refusing a single room to two homosexual men in September 2008, have lost their appeal to the UK’s Supreme Court, with the court ruling that their company policy was “discriminatory.”

Despite the fact that the couple proved that their policy applied equally to any unmarried couples, and not just homosexuals, all five judges ruled the Bulls’ policy to be a case of illegal discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, and dismissed their appeal. Two of the judges said the discrimination was “indirect,” but unjustified.

The elderly couple said they were “deeply disappointed and saddened” at the decision that has “reinforced the notion that gay rights must trump everything else.”

They have said that they have been the victims of an ongoing hate campaign, including threats and abusive phone calls and emails, vandalism of their home and car. The Christian Institute reports that wheel nuts were removed from the couple’s car “and recently a dead rabbit was nailed to their fence”. The website of the business was recently hacked and replaced with pornography.

Mrs. Bull told the Christian Institute in September that they had no choice but to sell their business, having gone hungry and without heating last winter in their struggle to make mortgage payments.

“We’re just ordinary Christians who believe in the importance of marriage as the union of one man and one woman,” Mrs. Bull said in a statement after the verdict.

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  1. “The same right should be allowed for people who believe that homosexuality (for whatever the reason) is not a part of their value system.”

    So, if islam or judaism is not part of your value system, you should be entitled to refuse customers who are jews or muslims? That’s where your logic takes you…

    1. Eh, no it doesn’t, you’re mixing apples and oranges. Morality-ideology vs. ethnic/racial group. If a person can’t choose to discriminate in accordance to their own morality and value systems, then neither can they choose not to serve multiple partner ”marriages” as well as father-son ”marriages” and anything else the loon left concocts.

  2. @kgs – I guess that would apply to a 53 year old arab booking a room with a 6 year old female companion.

  3. Personally, I have no use for religious extremists of any kind, Islamic, Jew or Christian. The bottom line is that anyone who would turn away customers deserves to be cold in the winter.

    Hmm…No room at the Inn? Don’t they see the hypocrisy?

    1. If only it were just that simple of an issue. If not for the marxist push to unravel/overthrow western systems and institutions, you might, Gays might, get some sympathy from me, but western society is virtually under attack from every quarter, so excuse me for not wanting to join in.

      1. Attack from every quarter? Please. You’re making the same argument religious people have been making the last 20 years. Poor religious me, I’m an underdog, I’m not being given my rights. We learned after WWII that protecting the rights of minorities like blacks and Jews was not just important, it helped us keep our rights, too. Homosexuals are just another scary minority under attack from the majority of bigoted “Christians.”

        1. No Kreomp, you fail to realize the cultural Marxist assault on western society, Gay ‘rights’ is just one in a long line of many avenues used to overturn existing institutions.

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