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Sam Harris: ”The problem with Islamic fundamentalism are the fundamentals of Islam.

This is an excellent example of how ignorant media heads trip over themselves in trying to answer / respond to the issues of Islamization in western society, and haven’t the knowledge nor the guts to come out in defense of our western values. One of them, I assume a host of the Canadian television show, mentions the knee-jerk reaction of not wanting to appear ‘racist’ in speaking about the burka, and therein lies the main problem.

Islam is no more a race than Christianity, it is however a totalitarian ideology that has been become a world-wide phenomenon, engulfing entire societies, some for over a thousand years, and now it has washed up upon the shores of the West in a rather large and in your face sort of way.

NOTE: Watch the video and pay close attention to the Fisking of it, which in my opinion is cleverly done and on point. This is how one society after the other falls under the sway of Islam, not overnight, nor within a decade, but over time, and Islam teaches and preaches patience.

muslim burka daycare workers in canada 30.11.2013

After being posted on Facebook, it was shared thousands of times on social media, creating a storm of criticism.

The two women pictured were dressed in a burqa (a niqab covers the face while a burqa covers the whole body from the top of the head to the ground). Their faces were covered, revealing only their eyes.

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  1. The only racism evident in this situation is that of the individuals who either don the burkha or of those who choose to support/appease the wearing of this extremely offensive sack in a non-shariah compliant non-Muslim dominated region. The degree of ignorance and moral equivalence of that panel is shamefully astounding.

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