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An excellent synopsis of the Obama led Iran-nuke deal by Ilya Meyer:


 Craven “leaders” in the EU and US have brought us to the following situation: They (the US and EU) have signed a win-win deal with the Iranian regime, at the expense of the Iranian people and of course at the expense of Israel. If Israel does nothing, then two goals will have been achieved:

(1) The world gets lucrative deals with Iran, and

(2) Israel is “contained” by the only regional force with potential for doing so. Anything that sticks it to the Jewish state is after all a good thing…

And if Israel does take action, which she may very well see fit to do after the Chamberlain-esque situation in which she has been forced by a cynical world that knows all too well exactly what it is doing, then, well, great that Israel does the dirty job and rids the world of an almighty threat just as it did with Iraq’s Osirak reactor – for which the Jewish state also received the world’s reprobation (accompanied by a behind-the-scenes collective sigh of ecstatic relief). The cynicism of the our world leaders, the moral morass that they represent, is something that is probably going to end up costing a whole lot of lives – everywhere.

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