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Arbitrary enforcement of the law.

Whenever the law runs smack dab into the controversy with the multiculturalists’ pet project, they’ll rule in favor of Islam.

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

That’s how it works with group identity politics. But for those minorities who believe group politics protects them, be aware, it’s a two edged sword, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out. The best cohesive societal policy is of course, one based on individualism, and the state keeping its nose out of private affairs. Forcing people who do not want to eat halal is offensive, and a violation of their rights to freely choose what’s best for their children.

NOTE: The multiculturalists have to act outside existing law, arbitrarily, because it’s not about the people, but everything to do with their political agendas. That’s why truth is not a defense in court.

Agency backs halal meat in school lunch spat

Agency backs halal meat in school lunch spat

The Swedish schools agency has ruled that serving of halal meat in schools does not break the law in response to complaints from parents who argued the practice breaches the non-denominational praxis of the Swedish education system.

The Swedish Schools Inspectorate ruled that the law does not regulate the method of slaughter used for the meat served in schools, according to a report in the agricultural magazine ATL.

Parents in Svedala in southern Sweden had reported a school to the agency for serving halal chicken arguing that the school meals fall under the non-denominational praxis of the Swedish education system.

The issue was discussed in the municipal council in September and has been the subjected of intense debate among locals and parents on social media.

The municipality’s schools have been serving the chicken, which originates from Denmark, for the past four years.

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