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This is what happens when political correctness is left to run amok, highly subjective examples of ‘racism’ can be found anywhere. 

The Swedes are just coming off of one highly buffoonish faux example of racist outrage, now they found something else to be in a lather about.

'Racist' Christmas catalogue sparks outrage

This image of the offending figures were posted by disgruntled shoppers on the Åhléns Facebook page. Photo: Facebook

‘Racist’ Christmas catalogue sparks outrage

Swedish department store Åhléns recalled its Christmas catalogue after complaints that two Perler bead figures looked like defamatory blackface figures.

Last week Åhlens, a chain of Swedish department stores with locations in most cities across the country, published its annual Christmas catalogue. On Monday, however, the store stopped production of the catalogue and removed the online version, apologizing for what some interpreted as negative racial stereotypes.

The complaints were directed at a page in the cagalogue with an image of two black figures with red lips and white clothing, made from Perler craft beads. While the cookie-cutter shapes are reminiscent of gingerbread people, critics said the figures can be seen as a degrading representation of black people.

“How could you make the decision to use Perler beads of black people with stereotypically round mouths and eyes and servant clothing as decoration? What were you thinking?” wrote one aghast customer on the store’s Facebook page.

“Why does everything have to be racist? I thought they were gingerbread people,” remarked another Facebook user.

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2 Responses

  1. Put some similar figure made of white flour there instead. See if anyone complains. I guess some pc swede might suggest they are promoting cannibalism.

  2. The Swedes are in a rush to exterminate themselves and their culture. What amazes me is how the vast majority are Swedes are ‘all in’ on the plan.

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