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The EU is democratic despotism (tyranny), the former sovereign nation states exist at the behest of the elitist/statist hub in Brussels. Watch this EU apparatchik belch out the marching orders like an automaton with an accent,

”You exist to carry out the orders from on high”….”resistance is futile”…”you will be assimilated”…”you will become one with the EUSSR”….

 Sheik Yer’Mami (PBUH) has more here.

collapsing EU

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  1. The seat of the dictatorship (i.e. ‘The Throne In Brussels) has spoken and will be obeyed. IMHO there are no nations left in the so called EU, just puppet governments behind a facade of functioning national or local governments. Sovereignty is a long gone and a thing of the past. It may be too late to break up this ‘Fourth Reich’, let’s face it Germany has the cash and is calling most of the shots. What started out as a trade union has become a bureaucratic nightmare, imposing thousands of rules and regulations on everyone, making everyday life difficult, and a ‘Frankenstein'(a creation that destroys it’s creator) out of control.

    1. Hi Big Frank, German money can only go so far, the economic reality will hit, you can’t put it off for ever, not even the Germans. It will fail, and big time, it’s only a matter of time, when, not if.

    2. According to David Rose, Germany will pay 29 billion euros in so-called green taxes this year and is headed for economic suicide. Also, the UK (i.e., headed in the same direction).

      It seems quite amazing to me that once the politicans and academia get it into their heads that extreme weather condions are all the fault of the air we exhale, they lose their critical faculties and its the voters who have to fork out the folding stuff on these ridiculous windfarms, jne.

  2. Well . . Israel might wish to disagree about the assertion that: “Walls do not solve problems”.

    So according to Cercone (who looks decidedly wet behind the ears), if illegal immigrants arrive on your doorstep, you cannot push them back.

    It’s just tyrannical totalitarianism.

    Europe . . what a mess.

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