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The TT is temporarily out of action due to the present wind storm Eino. Electricity had been out for several hours due to fallen trees.  Stay tuned.  The TT will be posting as soon as the juice comes back on line.

UPDATE, electricity restored, for now.

Meteorologists advise caution during storm

The Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI has issued a series of guidelines to ensure safety during the passage of autumn storm Eino Sunday. The meteorologists are advising the country to brace for extremely powerful winds as the weather system makes its way across the country.

Eino-myrskyn kaatamia puita Vaasassa.
Fallen trees littered the landscape in Vaasa Sunday morning. Meteorologists are advising motorists to stay off the roads. Image: Yle

The Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI issued the second-highest wind warning for Eino – the first time it has done so this year. The warning means that wind speeds will gust in excess of 25m/s.

FMI is advising motorists to avoid traveling as violent gusts may cause trees to fall and block roadways. Under no circumstances should anyone go out to sea. Moreover smartphones and mobile phones should be charged ahead of possible power outages. Householders should also stock up on drinking water and purchase batteries for flashlights.

Garden furniture and other movable gear should be stored indoors and doors and windows kept shut. Electrical equipment should also be switched off.

During the storm

Once the storm has reached your area, FMI is urging householders to stay indoors and to keep away from windows. Lightweight structures and outbuildings are not safe during the storm. Residents should also avoid using elevators in the event of power cuts.

Be on the lookout for falling trees and power lines and if it is necessary to get on the road, be prepared for powerful gusts that may force vehicles off the road or even cause two-wheelers to overturn. Be sure to choose a parking spot that is not close to trees or power lines.

Seafarers are being advised to seek the nearest harbour, to take down their sails and to secure their vessels.

After the storm

According to FMI even after the worst of the storm has passed, commuters should still avoid road travel as far as possible due to fallen trees. Motorists already on the road should be on the lookout for other commuters in distress – indicated by a warning triangle. Keep a distance of at least 20 metres from damaged electric cables.

Boat moorings, roof structures, chimneys and windows should be carefully checked for damage and clogged rainwater runoff systems should be cleaned. Residents should also check on their neighbours and render assistance if needed. YLE

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