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Demonizing Israel is the game.

A better analogy would be for the Eastern half of Finnish Karjala (in Russia) to wage a terrorist war on Finland for the dream of conquering the entire country. The Russian residents of E-Karjala shell Helsinki with impunity and send their suicide bombers to murder its citizens, and is met with silence by the UNSC and its General Assembly, with every measure taken by the Finnish government to secure the safety of its citizens condemned by the international community. That’s the kind of live play I would like to see.

NOTE: The pro-Israel response should be someone with a sign reading ”Palestinian suicide/homicide bomber waiting for his 72 virgins, let me inside the gate”. It’s called role playing, so lets play and get it on .

The only occupation in the area in question, comes in the form of the sick death culture mindset and authoritarianism of Palestinian leaders. 


Finland to be occupied by Palestinian LARP

Players are promised body searches, curfews, and the occupying power of the mind.

fantasy image of the train station
Checkpoint Helsinki Photo: Joel Sammallahti

Next weekend, Finland is occupied. The occupation authorities consider the country as a fatherland. What is this?

The Palestinians live role-playing game elements will organize a visit to Finland. Next weekend larp activists organize a game with Finnish players, which tells of occupied Finland.

One of the organizers is larp Finnish playmaker Johan Pettersson, who says the idea came years ago, in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.

– I was shocked at how self-evident the situation is. I was standing on the street, which is only for the Jews. I came to feel that this is just like South Africa, quite unreasonable, and it became the impetus for larp to tell a Finn, that this is the life out there, Pettersson says.

Checkpoint Helsinki

Halat Hisar, or Siege Mode-called live role-playing game takes place in besieged Helsinki Finland, although the game is played the Pirkanmaa region as well. Play involves 70 players and organizers in different Nordic countries. The idea of ​​the game is to move the political situation in the Palestinian territories, to Finnish conditions.

– We aim at the everyday experience of what it means to live the daily life of the occupying power? Our hope is that it will become more diverse picture of what kind of life it may be, Pettersson says.

What’s in store is at least body searches, curfews and the mind of the occupying power. Also, the players can affect the content of the game, such is the habit of live role games.

– Many players are interested in how nationalism changes when becomes no longer a wealthy country’s nationalism, but nationalism of oppressed people.

Educational stories

The game creators from the Palestinian territories have organized games that are touchy issues in their own culture, such as honor killings.

Nordic live role-playing games are often fantasy-themed. Pettersson is not evaluating whether a current themed societal story can be more instructive.

– Of course, this will learn more about the Palestinians. On the other hand fantasy larp games can teach learn, even if three 15-year-old girls organize the game for a hundred people. It is a do-it-yourself stuff.

The Palestinian-Finnish Halat Hisar was funded by Arts Council Board and the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

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