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Thanks to TT reader and tipster, POTB, for the H/T on this Facebook post. The way the media treat the two cases, on the left, Lee Rigby, brutally murdered on a street of London, and Eden Atias, brutally murdered as he slept on a bus seat. Both deserve full honors.

lee rigby and Eden Atias murdered by jihadis

Lee Rigby / Eden Atias – The sad difference.

November 13, 2013 at 8:28pm
When drummer Lee Rigby was stabbed to death on the streets of London, the world rightly sat up and mourned his tragic death. Facebook pages were created, the media paid huge attention to his passing and thousands of pounds were raised in donations.

Today a young Israeli called Eden Atias was stabbed, stabbed in his sleep while he slept on the bus. A young boy with so much potential in his life.

He was stabbed by a 16 year old Palestinian. What hatred was this 16 year old taught in school ? What hatred did his parents teach him ?

We constantly hear about Palestinian “children” in Israeli jails. The human rights industry have made these “children” a cause which to bash Israel with. This 16 year old was not a child. He is a terrorist, a hate monger, a murderer. Yet the Irish and international media has ignored his crime. Why ?

Why do soldiers stabbed on the streets in London get press time but Israeli’s stabbed in their sleep get none ?

When a Palestinian was brought home by IDF soldiers for stone throwing the worlds media reports on it. Where is that media NOW ??

The answer is the media truly believes deep down the Eden deserved it. Their attitude is, he was in the IDF so to them and to the terrorists he was fair game to kill. The moral hypocrisy of our media is enough to induce a severe level of nausea but nothing will change unless we all speak out.

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