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Remember, according to the lords of multiculturalism, if Muslims incited to violence, they’re just acting out cultural norms that they’re used to, we’re just supposed to rough it out and get on with it, nothing to see, move along.

basil muslims call for murder of jews openly 13.11.2013

Four to five men in caftans and long beards, their women always remain invisible to the public, are on the first Saturday of the month at Clara Place and distribute free books for Allah and Paradise.There are, for example, Guide to Islam , a translation of the Qur’an into German or beautiful prose about the Prophet “Muhammad”, which is said to have preached social equality, and has therefore been treated with hostility in his life. All German-language documents and papers that could get on their rounds Lilo Roost Vischer, coordination Responsible for religious affairs and director of the “Round Table of Religions”. It is ultimately fonts that were found “for louder” and fit into the picture of peaceful Islam that draws the Institute for the Integration and Diversity for years by the Basel Muslims.

Finsterstes Middle Ages

What the “Islamic Central Switzerland» (ICCS) distributed on Clara Place in Arabic, shows the other face behind the mask of peaceful Islam – a word that means submission and peace as. In the program, the Arab men propagate the darkest late Middle Ages to the heyday of the Inquisition. But the above is still no report from the Mayor by Guy Morin.

The Basler Zeitung has the fonts on 2 Submitted on November Clara Place to the population concerned and they translate from experts.Noticeable is especially “The Book of simplified legal science.” A few samples from the modern design and interpretation of the Koran and Sharia: On page 365 is that unmarried people who have sex with each other, shall be punished with 100 lashes and must be banished from their current living environment for a year. Steals a person’s hand is cut off in accordance with the Sura 5 verse 38 of the Koran. For armed robbery case, the penalties are a bit harder. Graded according to severity level is “Death” to “death by crucifixion” provided. Page 373 is then from the punishment of persons who drink alcohol. They must endure at least 40 lashes. Depending on the decision of the Imam but up to 80 beats are provided.

Converts have it hard

May not know the contents of the Basel Muslims distribute the book among the Arabic-speaking population. All those present at the court said Clara to the BaZ they understood not speak Arabic. However, it was a good book, otherwise you would not distribute it on the stand.

Strong stuff when it comes to human rights, are the sanctions that threaten so-called  

apostates and doubters. They are summarized «penalties for apostasy” in the subchapter.It also explains the finding that the “Blick” made the tabloid newspaper in recent days over converts: “It convert almost Muslims to Christianity.» The text in the book says simply: Changes one’s faith (away from Islam), then kill him. A Defector have three days to repent and receive the opportunity to return to Islam. Otherwise, he or she must be killed. The sanction to impose is the Imam or his deputy reserved. In the strict interpretation of Islam, as practiced in Iran, parts of Pakistan or in Saudi Arabia, one quickly comes under suspicion as an apostate. According to a list that is found on page 384, is an apostate who accepts the law of another country, who gives his expressed doubts about the Qur’an and who is not, keeps the law of Mohammed, the Sharia.

Extent to which the bearded men live by Clara place here in Switzerland for their criminal laws? Would they kill their children or women? When asked what would happen if one of his daughters were to convert to Christianity, there Present a father of five daughters said: “She is not my daughter.”

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