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Now here’s a Christian religious leader not afraid of public debate. No active Muslim would dare utter the same thing if living outside of the West, and would have second or third thoughts on saying such thing even if residing within the West.

NOTE: The same goes for the Left’s political correctness speech control, in which criticism of pet ideologies are as ‘verboten’ as blasphemy against religious beliefs.

Blasphemy law should be revoked, says church minister

November 11, 2013 – 10:58
The blasphemy law makes it an offense to mock religious beliefs, but there have been no successful convictions since 1946
Church minister Manu Sareen (R) says it’s about time the blasphemy law was revoked (Photo: Scanpix)

Denmark’s blasphemy law is outdated and should be abolished, the church minister, Manu Sareen (R), argued in an op-ed for Politiken newspaper over the weekend.

The law makes it punishable by a fine and four-year prison sentence for “publicly mocking or deriding the teachings or worship of a legally-existing religious community in the country”.

The law has not been successfully used since 1946, however, when a couple were given a small fine for baptising a doll at a carnival.

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Undermines democracy

Sareen argues that the law undermines democracy by contradicting free speech, and no longer serves any purpose.

“Free speech and human rights are far more important than the danger that someone might feel offended if their religion is subject to mockery and derision,” Sareen wrote, adding that the blasphemy law also privileges religious beliefs over other beliefs.

More here. H/T: Fjordman

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