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“Win first, fight later.”

11:59AM Saturday
November 9, 2013

“Win first, fight later.” This is the latest establishment bumper-sticker that passes as wise insight. Of course, they neither win nor fight when it comes to the left.

For example, for years the Republicans participated in funding Obamacare while scheduling vote after vote and pretending to repeal it. That was supposed to mollify you. It was pure deceit. Every bit as deceitful as Obama’s serial lies about keeping your health insurance if you wanted to.

Having lied repeatedly about its own tactics, the GOP establishment became unhinged when Ted Cruz and Mike Lee exposed its fecklessness and dishonesty by insisting on waging a real procedural and substantive effort to slow or defund or do something about the most outrageous law in our lifetimes, Obamacare. Imagine that.

Rather than unite behind these two senators, the Senate leadership and its loyal fanatics sought to assassinate their character. When the GOP leadership is engaged in a monumental charade, “backbenchers” are to go along and keep their mouths shut. They’re to know their place. Of course, the game was up when the same Republican leaders who scheduled one show vote after another for supposed repeal were now claiming they couldn’t do squat. So, their ruse became their defense.

Now that Obamacare is marching through our health care system as Sherman marched through Georgia, reaching into one home and business after another, and Americans are up in arms, the mighty GOP leadership is at it again. You see, if only 17% of the federal government hadn’t been closed for 16 crucial days during the initial implementation of Obamacare, the fault of Cruz and Lee, of course, not the Democrats and Obama, the American people would’ve been more focused on the launch of Obamacare, and these objections would have been raised or known earlier.

Huh? In other words, by Cruz trying to focus the nation’s attention on Obamacare and linking it to the last crucial budget and spending deadlines in a 21 hour floor speech before its actual launch, Cruz distracted the nation from … Obamacare? You have to hand it to the GOP establishment. They spin like the best of the Democrat left. More deceit.

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