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The beat goes on, in statist driven Europe.

Shuck big government, promote individualism and reject class warfare, you’ll be that much closer in driving a stake into violent genocidal leftist movements. Bring back the enlightenment to Europe.


Italy’s extreme right-wing on the rise

Italy’s right-wing extremism is deeply ingrained within civil society. Supporters are not only found in neo-Nazi groups but also in conservative clusters of the population.

Alessandra Mussolini, head of the extreme-right party A.S. (Social Action) and granddaughter of former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, walks with Roberto Fiore, leader of Forza Nuova in the streets of Rome.

Milan’s Piazza Loreto is a traffic hub, a roundabout with a patch of grass in the middle. It’s not very pretty, but all Italians know the spot from World War II. It’s where resistance fighters hung the corpse of fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. But since then, Mussolini has re-appeared – time and again he appears near the top of lists ranking Italy’s greatest statesmen.

Mussolini supporters can not only be found in neo-Nazi groups but also in conservative clusters of the population. Tommaso Pini is just one of the many Mussolini supporters. The fruit and vegetable retailer at Milan’s Piazzale Loreto believes that Italy was a safe country with clear rules under the fascist regime, which, according to him, is what is badly needed today.

“Today everything is going haywire here in Italy,” he told DW. “You get harassed by beggars and pickpockets wherever you go. Back when Mussolini was in charge women could go outside without being molested.”

Tommaso Pini is wearing jeans, a dark-blue jacket, shiny leather shoes and rimless glasses. He doesn’t look like one of the right-wing rowdies who have converged on Milan, Verona and Rome. But when it comes to his ideology nothing separates him from the sympathizers of neo-fascist groups.

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3 Responses

  1. I don’t think so.

    I really don’t see an ‘extreme right wing’ in Italy. What worries me far more is the deeply embedded Marxism that permeates that society, from the Via Stalingrado in Milan to the Communist headquarters in Bologna. TV, the print media, the universities are all deeply red.

    No, Italy needs as much ‘extreme right wing’ as they can get, but again, I can’t see it happen.

    1. So do we, and by ‘we’ I mean the whole of the Euro/Anglosphere. A period of firm, ‘right wing’ governance is, in the longer term, survivable. A New Caliphate is not – it will mean an endless night of slavery, a night of barbarism, sexual deviation and atrocity. Will we never learn?

  2. Well, to understand where we are, you have to understand where we’ve come from, and we’ve come from decades of failed socialist multi-culti policies which together with crony capitalism, have conspired to destroy first our industries, then our living standards and finally, our freedom to resist the fate intended for us in formally Christian Europe.

    I personally wish to protect the Jewish people in Europe, and providing they ARE protected from persecution, i will ride the Tiger to turn back the tide.

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