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It’s not just the German Nazis who were viciously murderous, cruel and inhumane during WWII, they had a lot of soul brothers trying to out best them in the cruelty department.

This is the reason why Jews in Europe are uneasy, they know fully well that the atrocities committed against their people in the name of German national socialism during the last century had a lot of non-German support. This story is about Norwegian treatment of Serbs, but in many places under Nazi occupation/control where locals were enlisted to ‘help out’, Jews suffered as bad or worse under the iron fist of their one time neighbors.

NOTE: This year’s release of a controversial film, Pokłosie, or “Aftermath,” about Polish Catholic massacres of Jews formerly their neighbors, now their dead stack of dead victims, serves a reminder of what Jews fear could be possible again.

Norwegian camp guards shocked SS with brutality

Skeletal Serbian prisoners at work in northern Norway in 1942 – Helgeland Museum

Norwegian camp guards shocked SS with brutality

Published: 06 Nov 2013 13:10 GMT+01:00
Updated: 06 Nov 2013 13:10 GMT+01:00

Norwegian guards working at Nazi prison camps in northern Norway were so brutal to prisoners that it shocked even the German SS soldiers supervising them, a new book on Norway’s Hird organization has revealed.

According to ‘Unforgiven Norwegians – Hird 1933-1945’, published in Norway this week, the German officers were so unnerved that they issued disciplinary warnings to the Norwegian guards, confiscated their bayonets, and briefly jailed some of them.

The German authorities then decided to remove the Norwegian guards from active duty after just 10 months.

Around 400 young Norwegians were employed from June 1942 to guard Serbian prisoners taken to camps in the north of the country, where they were used as slave labour to build roads and railroads.

“Some of them started behaving very brutally, resulting in a lot of killing, torture and violence in the camps in a very short time,” Eirik Veum, the book’s author, told The Local.

“The SS officers said,’hey guys, calm down, you’re too violent, you’re too brutal’, and they took away their bayonets. After 10 months they were pulled from duty, because too many prisoners were killed.”

Remarkably, the Yugoslavs who survived the camps said that their lives improved once the German guards took over.

“They said that once the Norwegians were taken out, things started to get a little bit more normal. They got more medicine, and they started to be treated like humans not animals,” Veum said. “It’s interesting that the German SS guards were more humane than some of the Norwegians guards during the period they were on duty.”

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