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AQ Khan, the father of nuclear proliferation in the ME (that the IAEA failed to stop) says nothing to worry, continue eating your morning porridge.

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Pakistan ‘ready to deliver nuclear weapons to Saudi Arabia’

AQ Khan dismisses claims that Pakistan-made nuclear weapons are ready for delivery to Saudi Arabia as part of its efforts to counter Iran’s atomic programme

Intelligence sources say Pakistan-made nuclear weapons ready for delivery to Saudi Arabia as part of efforts to counter Iran’s atomic programme, but Islamabad says claims 'baseless'

A Pakistan-made Ghauri missile, which has a range of 1,500 kilometers (940 miles) and can carry 700 kilograms (1,540 pounds) of nuclear warheads Photo: AP

By Rob Crilly, Islamabad

10:47AM GMT 07 Nov 2013

The founding father of Pakistan’s nuclear programme has dismissed reports that his country has reached a secret deal to provide Saudi Arabia with warheads in the event that Iran produces a bomb.

Rumours of a deal have long circulated in the Middle East, amid Saudi anxiety at its principal regional rival Iran developing a “Shia bomb”.

Citing American intelligence reports and a former Pakistani security officer, BBC Newsnight reported that nuclear weapons made in Pakistan for Saudi Arabia were ready for delivery.

But AQ Khan, who has admitted running a proliferation ring supplying secrets to Iran and Libya, said neither Pakistan nor Saudi Arabia had anything to gain – and a lot to lose by being ostracised by the international community and slapped with sanctions.

“Saudis may be ‘camel drivers’ but not idiots,” said Dr Khan, who remains a hero to many Pakistanis.

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