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Void of responsible leaders and sound politics, the traditional forces of the racist Left will rear their heads. This is what happens in a society where socialism has runs amok, with irresponsible politicians preaching group politics within a rigged political system in lieu of respect for individualism, individual rights, property rights and free market capitalism. In other words, a complete rejection of the enlightenment.

People who suckle the government teat will use that same brute institution (if they gain power) to exact their ‘justice’ upon others deemed (rightly or wrongly) to have benefited from special interest policies that have come at their own expense. Islamization is a problem for us all, but so too are the nefarious forces that, while voicing similar concerns, are as much a detriment to the civil society as the violent and stealth jihadis aiming at turning our societies into Islamic hellholes.

Fascism of course, takes on the unique characteristics of the country in which it percolates, so Greek fascism will look somewhat different from it’s Hungarian cousin, and so on (of which, the latter had its leader recently in Turkey speaking warmly of Islam), but the results of their political successes will be the same, yet another miserable tyranny needing to be overthrown.

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Cyprus’ Golden Dawn wing confident of success

Far-right ELAM party calls for an end to ‘illegal migration’ and hopes to gain support amid Cyprus’ weak economy.

 Last Modified: 07 Nov 2013 06:55

Members of the nationalist Elam party shout slogans and wave flags during a March protest [Getty Images]

Nicosia, Cyprus – Christos Christou sits at his desk in Nicosia sipping iced coffee, a motorcycle jacket slung over the back of his chair.

The modest headquarters of Golden Dawn’s Cypriot branch are located on the third floor of an office building amid the vacant commercial real estate of the capital. Three small flags stand on the corner of his desk – a Greek flag in the centre, Golden Dawn’s black-and-gold faux-swastika on the right and that of his own party, ELAM, on the left.

Christou, a radiologist, joined the far-right Golden Dawn party while studying in Athens, and after becoming a member of the party’s political council was sent by its leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos to assume leadership of ELAM – the party’s full name is the National Popular Front – in 2011.

“There is a strict cooperation between Golden Dawn and ELAM,” he says. “A lot of our members were in Golden Dawn and they came back. Golden Dawn participates in our events, and we go there for their events.”

Following the September murder of anti-fascist Greek rapper Pavlos Fyssas, authorities in Greece have cracked down on Golden Dawn, investigating the party as a criminal organisation and arresting its political leadership on a number of charges. Those arrested include Michaloliakos himself, on charges of leading a criminal organisation, and five other members of parliament.

Christou is quick to denounce the arrests as politically motivated and “illegitimate.”

“The Greek government is in panic because of the strengthening of Golden Dawn. The Greek people embrace Golden Dawn and the government is afraid,” he said.

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