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The National Coalition is a disgrace of a party, and state tv YLE is a joke.

The Spanish Marxist mental midget professor of sociology:

manuel castells

What’s even more annoying than the blather from the world renowned professor of sociology, is the state news agency YLE using it’s tax payer funded ‘reporting’ as a thin veil to inflict political damage against the Finns party. Now I have certain issues with the Finns Party, but that said, they are not the racist-fascist ogres they’re made out to be by the mainstream media here.

The following interview by YLE of the visiting, Manuel Castells, was full of mind numbing softball questions by a nameless journalist (that’s how they do things at YLE), who pretty much got what she wanted. That being, an ‘interview’ with a famous personality, and a chance to trash Timo Soini’s Finns party.

The first 50 seconds is about Finnish competitiveness in the global market, it’s not able to sustain the welfare state during the present downswing in its domestic anemic expansion of the economy. True. But he’s not against the welfare state itself which is a major drag on economic expansion and creativity.

Q: What should Finland do?

Castells: Well the more important thing is to continue to invest in education, quality research and innovation systems.

That’s fine and dandy, but education alone is not the single most requirement for growing an economy, you need economic freedom, meaning the reduction in taxes, scaling back of economic stifling regulations, making it easier to start up business, and reward success (protection of private property rights). Castells is clueless or ideologically opposed to it, as is the neo-statist National Coalition and its PM, Jyrkki Katainen.

He continues:

Castells: You missed in the global innovations systems, look what happened to Nokia, you missed the smartphones market?

Bad descision making in the board rooms of Nokia, true. But as in all business, evaluating trends and market shares is hit and miss, but Nokia did indeed blow it, but that’s a problem of CEO management, not the country itself, if they had chosen to plunge into the smartphone technology, the Finland’s innovation systems would still be unchanged today. I fail to see the connection of what one business does, and the country as a whole.

Castells: What Finland is missing is entrepreneurship

Again, that goes back to the massive funding of the welfare state, and the regulations imposed upon businesses to foot bills for the individual worker as well as the mandatory minimum wage. All business burners, especially the high corporate and personal taxes. This guy is only offering platitudes in addressing real problems.

Castells: The government needs to supply more ‘investment into the arts”

(Read= redistribute more private wealth to those whom the geniuses in government deem worthy of support, instead of the free market deciding for the consumer instead). Statism 101, they know best.

He goes on to say that

”Finns fear a global economy, and that they have a strong national identity, and that’s good and no one is going to take that away from you”. But then: at the same time you have to be open to the world, you can’t fear jumping into the global economy will destroy your culture.”

This is totally a strawman argument, no one that I know of is fearing a loss of their culture because of mixing it up with the global economy, but the influx of mass number of low-to-no skill level labor into a welfare state centered economy. This is something that the crackpot professor openly advocates, massive immigration, like it’s supposedly responsible for success of silicon valley. Duh.

Q: What about the rise of the True Finns

Castells: This has been a very bad factor for the reputation of Finland in the world. I think to have  a very xenophobic party with that level of support in the country is a very serious indicator as in other countries in Scandinavia. As in Norway and to a lesser extent in Sweden and in Denmark, is a very worrisome in Scandinavia in general and in Finland in particular to be a civilized country, to be tolerant and to be open.

This jerk is an elitist EU statist hack professor, long on intolerant verbiage towards those who reject the top-down centralized power structure of the EU, and those who control it. That’s what he is hot and bothered about. He wants democratic despotism, no accountability in government, and representational democracy in name only. An EU cheerleader who knows nothing about nor cares for individual sovereignty, a rejectionist of the enlightenment itself.

Castells goes on to say that it’s worrisome for these kinds of parties to be represented in parliament, and for Finland and the world at large. But big top-down soviet style centralized government with a legion of bureuacrats and svengalis behind the scenes pulling the levers of power according to the machinations of those ”who know better” the philosopher-kings and their court jesters, well that’s the way things should be apparently.

He also believes that ‘The South’ are not to blame for their financial problems, and that Finns and others in ‘The North’ should just open up the purse strings and continuously feed the bureaucracies of the south until they say its enough, which they never will. And to think that a supposedly conservative party, let alone its acting Prime Minister brought this guy to Finland, and paid 700 000 euros for a BUNCH OF STATIST CRAPOLA, is just too much to bear. What a disgrace.

Video viewable here.

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