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 Actually it’s Obama who’s ‘illegitimate’, dolling out U.S. taxpayer money he doesn’t have while he bankrupts the country.

Obama cash

Yes I agree that it’s terrorism we shouldn’t be supporting, but it’s the overall underlying ideology of intolerant, violent Islamic supremacism which is the motivating force against the Jews and Christians of the Jewish state of Israel, that we shouldn’t be supporting either.

Also, there is John Kerry’s/Barack Obama’s utterly ridiculous statement that the ”settlements are illegal” (they’re entirely legal and I dare anyone reading this to challenge me in the comments).

They just handed the murdering Arabs more ammunition for their terrorism against the Jews, they can count on these backstabbing politicians coming to their aid regardless of the number of Jews they murder, or atrocities they commit against their own people.

Fatah and Hamas and their wheelbarrows of cash

obama throws 75 mill at the islamonazis in the pa 8.11.2013Continuing his swing through the Middle East this week, Secretary of State John Kerry moved on from his discussion Tuesday, with Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, to meet with Arab Palestinian acting leader Mahmoud Abbas.

But Kerry started this trip with his tools down.  It was not until moving on to his meeting with Abbas and other Arab Palestinian officials that Kerry pulled out both the carrot and the stick. The carrot? An additional $75 million for Palestinian Authority infrastructure projects. The stick? That was applied to the Israelis who had the temerity to continue allowing Jews to build houses in the Holy Land.

Kerry announced the huge financial gift at a press conference in Bethlehem, on Wednesday, Nov. 6.  It is for the Palestinian Authority’s “High Impact Micro-Infrastructure Initiative (HIMII).” That brings the total U.S. commitment for this initiative to $100 million.

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