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  1. Mr.Vona needs a history lesson. The Ottomans were kicked out of what is now Hungary after 5oo+ yrs. of slavery, domination,degradation,murder (including genocide),pillage, and rape. He and his hate filled followers would be the first to be eliminated when they are of no use to the Caliphate.

  2. Sorry, dum-dum, if Islam conquers the world then humanity is into five hundred years of a dark ages.

  3. @Arius :

    I disagree. It would be at least 5,000 years of darkness if current weapons of mass destruction and all traces of Western science were immediately removed. 5 years if they were not.

    1. Guys, lets not get buried in the weeds with ‘how-many-angels-can-fit-onto-the-head-of-a-pin argumentation….I agree with you both, it suffices to say, at least for me, that the period of darkness, however long it might be, would be devastating for all humanity. Hence the need to smarten people up around us to the dangers.

  4. Det ungerska partiet Jobbiks ledare var på besök i Turkiet och fjäskade för islam.

    Ett egendomligt vurmande för ungrarnas släktskap med turkarna, och därmed ska ungrarna alltså behöva svälja islam. Men de ungerska och finska språken var faktiskt identiska för 2000 år sedan. Den genetiska släktskapen med turkarna är närmast obefintlig.

    Jobbik har hamnat på ett sidospår, det enda som skulle få dem att tänka om vore en muslimsk massinvandring till Ungern, det skulle ge dem ett perspektiv på saker och ting. Som det hände med Jörg Haiders parti i Österrike, han hann tänka om, innan han dog i en oförklarlig bilolycka.

    Det är väl på grund av kvardröjande antisemitism som Jobbik har kontakter med Hizbollah, Hamas, Turkiet och Iran. Har de glömt 150 års turkisk ockupation av Ungern? Hoppas verkligen de åker ut ur parlamentet! Och ersätts av ett normalt invandringskritiskt parti.

    (Editor: English translation)

    The Hungarian party Jobbik leader was visiting Turkey and courted Islam.

    A peculiarly cared for and Hungarians kinship with Turks, and thus will have to swallow the Hungarians thus Islam. But the Hungarian and Finnish languages ​​were virtually identical to 2000 years ago. The genetic relationship with the Turks is almost non-existent.

    Jobbik has ended up on a siding, the only thing that would make them think about would be a Muslim mass immigration to Hungary, it would give them a perspective on things. As it happened with Jörg Haider in Austria, he had time to think about, before he died in an unexplained car accident.

    That’s because of lingering anti-Semitism that Jobbik has contacts with Hezbollah, Hamas, Turkey and Iran. Have they forgotten 150 years of Turkish occupation of Hungary? Really hope they go out of the house! And replaced by a normal migration critical portion.

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