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Welcome to Obamaland………

Obama in the class room

Folks, this is concrete evidence of Muslim influence within American institutions, this just happens to be one example, other examples have been found within US law enforcement and in the military, as well as the FBI and CIA. Wake up!

Update: A recently graduated student I know very well has this to say:

I had that same book…

The teacher I had knew some of it was bullshit and told us there was a bias, and they do actually treat women like shit

Teachers had a habit of either skipping that chapter, or telling us what’s biased in the book. Even though the bias is there, it’s not all that much considering there’s some 600 pages that deal with the rest of world history. For the record, I’d still want it heavily revised or removed.

At least our teachers knew what’s up, they don’t just tell us to read it and quiz us on it. A lot of them don’t even hit that chapter, if only to cover a brief chapter on world religions in the beginning of the year that never has any issues. We can actually talk about our religion and as long as we keep it civil it’s fine.

The problem is that there are teachers out there who will indeed use this as a de facto go to reference book. It has to be stricken from the curriculum.

H/T Vlad

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  1. More brainwashing and indoctrination by ‘the enemy within’, who BTW is our biggest danger and threat over all.

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