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Tommy Robinson’s long journey has only begun

Tommy Robinson’s long journey has only begun

Posted by: Ingrid Carlqvist & Lars Hedeegard 5 November, 2013

When this goes to press, Tommy Robinson is in a courtroom in London. It is the second day of a six-week long trial about tax evasion that may end with a long prison sentence. Meanwhile he is planning for a new organization intended to give hope to millions of Englishmen that are worried about the future of their country. Where does he get the strength?

tom1LUTON/LONDON. We have an appointment to meet Tommy Robinson in his hometown of Luton – an hour’s travel by train from London. Luton has a large Muslim population and the Luton Islamic Centre is led by the aggressive Abdul Qadir Baksh, who is also on the town council. For several years as leader of the English Defence League Tommy Robinson has tried to get Baksh removed from the council but his warnings against the jihadi leader have fallen on deaf ears.

A stroll trough central Luton is enough to make anyone depressed. The old buildings are falling into disrepair, a pub that once seems to have been popular is closed and a modern gallery cuts a grotesque path through the old town center.

We spend an hour at a hotel where we were to meet Tommy Robinson but he doesn’t turn up. His phone is shut. Is takes us half an hour to get a beer from the bar and walking back towards the train station we exchange several unkind comments on Robinson-

It is November and most Englishmen are displaying a poppy on their jacket. Since World War I it has been the symbol all Britons who died in war. The poppy also became the rallying symbol of the EDL. In March 2009 soldiers from the Royal Anglian Regiment marched through Luton with pomp and circumstance – only to be met with poppy-burning Muslims crying ”murderers”.

Outside a pub where we have decided to eat lunch, we come across a couple displaying red poppies. She is pushing him along in a wheelchair but as they get to the pub, he suddenly stands up and briskly ascends the entrance.

Once inside, the couple order beers and proceed to play pool. Most likely the wheelchair is a prop to deceive the social services. Luton feels like a town on its way down.

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