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Yet another excellent interview at the Inquisitr, this time in Wolff’s arm chair, is none other than Robert Spencer. Take it away Wolff!


Islam, Jihad And Democracy: The Inquisitr Interviews Robert Spencer

The Ruins Of The WTC

Robert Spencer may be one of the most controversial men in America today. Since he published his first book on Islam in 2002, Spencer has been the nation’s leading voice on the danger the United States is facing from Islamic supremacy and Jihad. Much to the discomfort of those practitioners of Islam who would happily overthrow our government and replace our Constitution with Sharia law, Spencer uses the authentic teachings of the Qur’an and the Hadith, decades of Islamic Jurisprudence and the actual words of living Islamic clerics and leaders to illustrate the undying hostility expressed towards the non-Muslim world by centuries of Islamic doctrine.

Were Mr. Spencer voicing his own opinion, devoid of facts or proof, one might be able to question his behavior, but Spencer has never once slandered or spoken hatefully of Muslims. There is a great difference between attacking individuals Muslims for their faith, which Spencer does not do, and criticizing Islamic religious doctrine that teaches hatred of the other, violence against the non-believer, legitimizes slavery, puts women on the level of property and kills people for their sexual orientation or for daring to leave Islam. There is a real difference between the hateful slander Islam preaches against Jews and Christians and Mr. Spencer’s desire to have an honest dialog about the dangers of Jihad and Islamic supremacy.

While Islamic groups in the United States like CAIR and the Muslim Students Organization claim that anyone who dares to criticize Islam is a bigotedmuslimhatingdirtyislamophobe, the truth is that Spencer’s factual arguments against Jihad and Islamic supremacy infuriate the Jihadis and the Islamists. Instead of using words of hate and slander, Mr. Spencer simply translates their teachings and their political statements from Arabic into plain English. Try as they may to deny the truth, the Islamists are condemned by the own words.

As was revealed in the Holy Land Trial, in a document discovered by the FBI, the Muslim Brotherhood and their front groups in America have devised a plan to overthrow our Republic and replace our Constitution with Sharia Law. Written in Arabic, here is the fate they have in store for each and every non-Muslim American: “The Ikhwan [Arabic for brothers] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad to eliminate and destroy the Western civilization from within, and sabotage its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers, so that it is eliminated, and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

While our political leaders continue to lie to us and give cover to the Islamists who are infiltrating our government, America is on the brink of a clash of civilizations. Who will survive, the freedom loving people of America and the West or the Jihadis who blow up churches and synagogues, fly airplanes into buildings and decapitate three month old Jewish babies? Will we allow any religion to overthrow our government, replace our Constitution with a totalitatian legal system and rigidly control every second of our existence?

The future is in your hands.

Wolff Bachner: Robert, welcome to The Inquisitr. Before we begin our discussion, would you share with our readers how and why you decided to become involved in the debate about Islam, Jihad and Islamic supremacy.

Was there a particular event that inspired you to become involved or was it a gradual process of awakening?

Robert Spencer: It was a gradual thing. I first started studying Islam because I was looking for answers to some things that had happened to my family in the last Islamic empire, the Ottoman empire. Then I began consulting privately with some individuals and groups on Islamic issues, and finally publicly.

Wolff Bachner: Most Americans are badly misinformed or uninformed about the realities of Islam. Explain to our readers how and why Islam poses a threat to their way of life here in America?

Robert Spencer: The Muslim Brotherhood says in a captured internal document that its goal in America is “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house…so that Allah’s religion is victorious over other religions.” This is an imperative to replace the Constitution with an authoritarian system that denies basic rights to women, non-Muslims, and others. Most U.S. Muslim groups have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Why shouldn’t we be concerned?

Wolff Bachner: We often hear the expression, “Moderate Muslim.”

Is there really such a thing as a moderate Muslim? Prime Minster Erdogan of Turkey took great offense to the slightest suggestion that moderate Muslims exist and he concluded by saying, ‘Islam is Islam?”

Since the doctrine of Islam teaches that the Qur’an was dictated by Allah before time began and that every word is the unalterable word of god, how can Islam change the teachings in the Qur’an that are completely out of step with any free society?

How can Islam ever treat non-Muslims as equals with full human rights?

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