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Once you begin to understand that American decline during the past 5 years of this administration is not viewed as a net negative outcome by Obama and his handlers, then you’ll finally realize what his (Obama’s) fundamental transformation of America was all about. The Marxist leveling of the supposed ‘unjust’ playing field, domestically as well as abroad.


What they (the Marxists) are aiming for, is a return to the status quo of the aristocracy/oligarchy, where a self anointed ruling elite lays down the rules for the rest of ut to play by.Keeping the vast majority of the population (middle income earners) paying for the policies that the super wealthy craft, and the poor demand, the middle income earners are held in bondage to their masters.

Obama’s continued assault on the constitution in face of a highly weakened opposition further cements the Executive branch with more concentrated powers, thereby further weakening the congress (read = the people) to correct any course he, or future hard core socialists, choose to follow. Removing the many firewalls in the constitution is a must for the statist to exact control of the government, and in this they have proven themselves to be victorious.

It’s no longer enough to vote in a handful of constitutional minded politicians, while that’s commendable and needed, the course of the union will not be changed because Washington will not be changed, the apparatus in charge of huge amounts of the private economy and regulates the country in ways only imagined by Soviet commissars, will not be affected, enough. Now is the time to circumvent the whole mess in Washington and take the fight for the nation in our state legislatures. It is there where the solutions lie in saving the nation, with the people themselves.

Read Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments, and defeat the statists.

Alan Bergstein: ”In short, Obama is a cunning, calculating domestic terrorist, holding the highest and most powerful seat in the world and using it to bring down this nation. And we are seeing it play out before our very eyes. Obamacare is but the latest manifestation of his contempt. Will we ever be wake up to stop this maniacal meteor from crashing into and destroying our magnificent nation? It’s up to you and me. Good luck!”


Obama — Destroyer-in-Chief

By Alan Bergstein

Many of us, at the introduction of Obamacare on October 1st, initially diagnosed the problem as simply a poorly-constructed website. Wrong! It was planned that way. It would be an impossibility to spend almost four years, at a cost of over $600 million dollars, to create a site that never even made it through pre-opening trials.

Obama and his crew – Cass Sunstein, William Ayers, Kathleen Sebelius, Valerie Jarrett, et al. – all knew it would never get off the ground. They understood the mass confusion it would cause and the ultimate disruption of the lives of millions of helpless people who bet their bottom dollar on a utopian medical care system. Insurance companies have already dropped policies for hundreds of thousands of customers, and firms have discontinued employee coverage for millions of their employees – all in preparation for Obamacare.

With great fanfare it was thrust on the nation like no other scheme we have ever seen, utilizing massive advertising and “everyday” citizen support, only to come crashing down to earth. Like another 9/11, but even worse in its potential to destroy lives – yes, from the death panels former Governor Sarah Palin warned about so presciently and which are now factored insidiously in the Obamacare law for all to see.

Disaster! The nation is now in turmoil. This chaos was in the books from the moment Obama decided to run for office the first time – not for the presidency but for the Illinois legislature and then the U.S. Senate. Everyone knew of Obama’s record of voting “present” – in other words, his terminal inability to take a stand or make a decision.

Everyone knew that in his entire life he had never “run” anything – as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has said, he “never ran a state, never ran a business, never ran a lemonade stand.”

More here. H/T: Vlad

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