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Obama’s support for a Muslim Brotherhood Islamic fundamentalist all jacked up with al-Qaida’s Aymen Al Zawahiri.

Her ‘royal thighness’ with the now deposed Morsi during happier times.

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It came as no surprise to Egyptians, despising America’s White House for helping the Muslim Brotherhood and the ousted Morsi, that recently the U.S. sought grounds to freeze military aid to Egypt by categorizing Morsi‘s July 3rd arrest as a military coup d’état. Likewise, it came as no surprise to Egyptians that America settled upon a characterization of Egypt’s military combating Morsi’s armed terror bands (“peaceful” MB protesters) as “brutality” when the “military coup” rationale became implausible. It comes as no surprise anymore to freedom fighters yearning for human rights and Western values to see that the U.S. has left a gaping hole in diplomatic relations between their two countries by a vacancy still remaining in the position of U.S. Ambassador to Egypt.

Egypt’s trial: true justice will reveal Morsi’s alliances

Created on Saturday, 02 November 2013 20:36
Written by DR. Ashraf Ramelah – Voice of the Copts

JOHN-KERRY-MOHAMMED-MORSIJOHN-KERRY-MOHAMMED-MORSIOn Monday, November 4th, an Egyptian Triple Seven elite military force helicopter will transport former Egyptian president, Mohammed Morsi, out of secret hiding where he has been held in custody by authorities since July 3rd this year.  Morsi will be flown to a courtroom inside Toro Police School to begin his trial for high treason and other suspected crimes. On the eve of his political career and presidential candidacy, Morsi sat in prison awaiting trial for spying against Egypt. Now he is accused of continuing these efforts during his presidency.

According to Egyptian news agencies, Morsi recently notified his family that he alone will defend himself before the judge and jury. Meanwhile, Muslim Brotherhood organizations across the world scramble to bring to Egypt lawyers from the West and East who will try to prove that Morsi is blameless and his trial unfair. This will not be easy. Egyptian attorneys are unified against foreign attorneys appearing in the courtroom on Morsi’s behalf.  In any case, proving Morsi’s innocence will be a herculean task.

In a country where no regulation or law exists to govern taping of conversations or, more aptly, where the Attorney General appointed by the President permitted secret recordings by Egyptian intelligence of the President’s meetings and phone conversations, judges dismissed by Morsi and now reinstated will be presented with tape recordings of Morsi’s discussions with Aymen Al Zawahiri of Al Qaeda.

These will show Morsi requesting the terrorist’s support. Morsi’s negotiation with the Al Qaeda leader delays application of the Iran and Taliban models for Egypt until a more receptive time and, in return for Al Zawahiri’s favor, the President agrees to immediately enforce Sharia law and release five thousand jailed terrorist-jihadists, including Aymen’s brother, Mohammed. All jihadists jailed under Mubarak were freed by Morsi within the first month of his installation to prove to Aymen Al Zawahiri that he could be trusted, according to leaked information paraphrasing the contents of the tapes.

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