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This is exactly the reason why the Left hunkers down on Israel, they know they’ll be treated as they would be treated in Europe and throughout the democratic West. You’ll never see Pro-Hamas activists on the Egyptian side of the Gaza border demanding Egypt to open the border crossings, only in Israel do you get that type of stupidity

h/t: Vlad, who reminds us: Greenpeace earns a lesson and not nearly as harsh as frankly, they richly deserve. (They should be on charges of crimes against humanity)

Better dead than GM-fed?

Europe’s greens are helping to keep Africans hungry

Europe’s anti-GM hysteria, however, will continue to deter farmers in poor countries (the majority of the population) from planting crops which tend to have higher yields and require fewer applications of costly and dangerous chemical pesticides. Hardly a green outcome. More here.

Saarela and other Greenpeace detainees move to St Petersburg

The Finnish consul at Murmansk confirms being informed by a Greenpeace attorney that the environmental activists currently held in Murmansk are to be moved to a prison in St Petersburg.

Sini Saarela kalterikopissa
Sini Saarela in Murmansk, 29 September. Image: Dmitri Sharomov / EPA

The Finnish consul Martti Ruokokoski learnt of the transfer from the attorney of Finnish activist Sini Saarela.

The reasons behind the transfer, its schedule and other details remain as of yet unknown. Ruokokoski says he intends to investigate the matter further.

The consul criticises Russian authorities for not releasing official information regarding their decisions concerning the foreign prisoners. Decisions relating to the Greenpeace activists have tended to come without warning, and usually late in the evening, he adds.

Ruokokoski would not speculate on whether the prisoners would enjoy better conditions in St Petersburg noting, “A prison is a prison.”

After Saarela’s transfer, her case will move from the Finnish consul in Murmansk to the consul general at St Petersburg.

The environmental activists attempted to protest against oil exploration in the Arctic on a Gazprom oil rig in September. They have been held in a Murmansk prison for more than a month, and face charges of hooliganism.

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  1. It’s great what Russia is doing. These environmentalists overplayed their cards in Russia. Japan, the US, and Europe put up with trespassing, damaging private and public property, and endangering the welfare of company workers as they did in attempting to scale the oil platform. They were wrong, Russia arrested them, seized their ship and booked them for the serious crimes they committed. You know you can protest but you can’t destroy or endanger public or private property or persons. But not these leftists. The end justifies the means. Here, they would have been apologized to and paraded around like heroes. I hope Russia sells their ship for scrap!

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