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UPDATE: More here from Finnish state broadcaster YLE:

UPDATE II: Minister of defense admits Iranian Ambassador’s involvement in paper being removed from website.


Defence Minister Carl Haglund on Monday confirmed that a research report on Iran was removed from the National Defence University’s website for review after the school was contacted about the work by the Iranian embassy.


The Iranian probably didn’t like the fact that the Times of Israel was used as a source! Nor the fact that the Iranian researcher had this to say also:

So why does it seem impossible to see
a democratic state in the Middle East or
North Africa (Israel being an exception)?

maanpuolustuskorkeakoulu paper by iranian researcher alan

55 Shmulovich Michal, “Most Mideast countries do
not want a nuclear Iran, poll finds”, Times of Israel, 6
March.2013, [//www.timesofisrael.com/


Alan Salehzadeh, a first-year researcher, at the Finnish Department of Defense University submitted a paper on Iran and Syria, which was approved by the university’s publishing board, only to have that paper shelved after a visit to the institution by the Iranian ambassador, Dr.Seyed Rasoul Mousavi.


iranian ambassador to finland Dr.Seyed Rasoul Mousavi,


He recognized Islamic antisemitism as being one of the key components in Iranian anti-Israel behavior, as well as the Iranian regime’s support for international terrorism. This is significant, a key institution within a European government is submitting to Islamic norms and demands on a paper critical of its nuclear ambitions.


After skimming through the paper, I came across a few paragraphs that highlights the role that Islam plays in the thinking of the Iranian Mullah run regime, which is inherently anti-Jewish:


Ever since Islam was born, there have been problems between Muslims and Jews. In many different parts of the Koran, it is written that Jews have betrayed God, and that they are enemies of Islam, Allah and Prophet Mohammed. According to Muslims, Koran has been directly sent from Allah to all humans. Those who follow the Koran to the letter believe that everyone should follow Islam, Koran, and the rules of the religion. Thus some Islamic groups, rulers and fervent believers have a difficult time accepting Jews, who they consider as their enemy by default.75


The foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is in accordance to Prophet Mohammed’s words in the Koran. This foreign policy does not accept Jewish people. This is one of the reasons why Iran does not approve the existence of Israel and wishes to see it destroyed.


I think that we can now safely assume that since the article highlights the antisemitism of koranic texts, as well as the Iranian support for terrorism world-wide and threats the regime poses to Israel…:


Now Iran is widely thought to pose a threat to its surrounding countries, Israel, and the rest of the world. Iran is known to support terrorist organizations and causes great concern with its urge to build a nuclear weapon. The human rights conditions are in a very bad state according to many international sources, and the relations with most foreign nations are currently strained.


…that it was for this reason that the Defense Department University publishing board pulled the paper after the Iranian ambassador objected to its publication. This is the same kind of self censorship seen during the Mohamed cartoon crisis, when Finnish news outlets refused to publish the cartoons due to fear of what the Islamic world might say and do.


What’s also interesting is that the Iranian researcher, accurately depicts Islamic norms, the treatment of women as being less than that of a man, and its victimization of minorities. Read the research paper here, word search Islam, koran, Jews, Israel and women.


H/T: Vasarahammer Via MTV3


Alan Salenzadeh paper shelved by Finnish depeartment of defense academy 28.10.2013


The Board approved the publication of the text

Alan Salehzadeh wonders about the stir caused. According to him, the turmoil caused by the articles places a peculiar light on the publishing board itself.


– My research and report has been handled by the Publications Board. Do they not trust the Board, which consists of a number of professors and doctors, however, they make the decisions. If this Iran-article is so bad, how come it didn’t get so much publicity before the uproar? Salehzadeh wonders.


According to him, the article has been downloaded and distributed all over the world. He keeps the situation in spite of everything as interesting.


– I think any dissertation can be questioned, because they are politics. Also, my economic analysis is based on the opinion that if you can say that something is good, another will say that they feel it’s bad. In my research, however, is the list sources to which I refer, he says.

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