Even adulterers get their necks stretched by him.

Killing for the machine really gives some people a sense of purpose.

Egypt’s Top Executioner: Strangling Has Been My Hobby Since Childhood

‘The truth is that my heart is dead’

Screenshot from MEMRI video

Screenshot from MEMRI video

BY: Adam Kredo

Egypt’s chief executioner opened up in a recent Arabic language interview, revealing that he used to strangle cats and dogs as a child before becoming the Islamic country’s slayer-in-chief.

Hajj Abd Al-Nabi, Egypt’s chief warrant officer in the prison system, said that he has taken the lives of some 800 criminals during his time as the country’s executioner.

“I have placed [the noose] around some 800 heads – tough people, big people, young people … All the despicable crimes—killing, adultery, premeditated murder, and so on,” Al-Nabi told a film crew in a video recently translated and released by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

“I carry out all the death sentences,” Al-Nabi proudly declares.

“In all honesty, I love my work,” he tells an interviewer. “I just love it! I never say, ‘No’ when they need me at work. This is my work and my livelihood.”

The Egyptian executioner said that he has been killing living creatures since he was a young boy.

“When I was young, about 13 or 14 years old, … my hobby was to watch a cat, to place a rope around its neck, place a rope around its neck, strangle it, and throw it into the water,” Al-Nabi said. “I would get a hold of an animal—even dogs. I would strangle these animals and throw them into the water, even dogs.”

“Strangulation was my hobby,” he says with a smile.

Although Al-Nabi’s parents told him he would go to “hell” for killing animals, he continued killing.

It’s a gift,” he explained. “I was a little Satan.”

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