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H/T: Sheik Yer’Mami (PBUH) Translation Hugh Fitzgerald

Enough! Enough! Enough! Enough! Just witness the deaths of tens of thousands of people in a desperate attempt to enter illegally into Italy! Just watch the human trafficking perpetrated by organized crime which derive profit off their skin! Just witness the flagrant violation of our laws in the name of doing good and juridical relativism that undermines the rule of law! 


Magdi Allam: Enough Of This Intolerable Breast beating In The West Whenever Illegals Drown

magdi-allamHelp them, but help them within their own countries. For there is no end to the numbers of those who would, if they could, come to the West illegally, and in so doing, do nothing to help those left behind, but make the peoples of the Western world far more anxious, depressed, unable to cope.

There is no god-given right to enter the countries, the civilizations, of others, by those whose differences are insuperable, and even the task of pretending that they are not, and trying to integrate those who manage to be smuggled in, are a gigantic expense,and do great damage to the educational systems, the health systems, the everything, all over the breast-beating Western world.

It’s idiotic, because if such immigrants are allowed in, they will simply pull down the level of the countries they enter and, they will signal to others, to tens or hundreds of millions of others, that they can and should follow. It’s got to stop; the ships and boats that bring them have to be stopped just as they leave their points of departure.

And all such immigrants should be shipped back, whether they were on boats that arrived safely, or whether they are among just a few survivors of boats that did not make it. The latter are not to be allowed in any more than the former. There should be no distinction.

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  1. With all the money Europe gets in exchange for submitting to islam(onazism) and for allowing the building of islamic indoctrination centers, why not to buy to each one of those ‘migrants’ a one-way ticked to saudi arabia, qatar, kuwait, malaysia, or to another of those ‘developed’ and rich islamic hellholes? they would be at least 1000 times happier there.

    And you could even send their leftist pals with them so they can bring their so-called socialist revolution to places where live people who really need a change.

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