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Nothing racist about that, move along whitey.

I wonder if there is an official color chart used to check all newcomers for meeting the specified requirements of what constitutes black? Switch the headline to read white and in a predominantly white country, and you’ll have every news organization in a (justifiable) feeding frenzy, since it takes place in Africa the media looks through eyes barely a slit and says, pass the potatoes.

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zimbabwe blacks on racist stock exchange 11.8.2013

By Peta Thornycroft, Harare

5:27PM BST 06 Aug 2013

The plan to grab mining companies, most of which are South African-owned, follows President Robert Mugabe’s landslide re-election last week.

Saviour Kasukawere, the ‘indigenisation’ minister, said on Tuesday that the government or black Zimbabweans would take 51 per cent of the shares in all major foreign-owned companies, valued at about £4.8 billion. No compensation will be paid.

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  1. Blacks only stock exchange is one thing: it’s not as if I’d want to buy stocks that had just been confiscated for being “white owned” – No, it’s the bit about confiscating 51 percent of all companies in Zimbabwe that are not owned by black Zimbabweans. I wonder, if the companies in total are worth £4.8 billion, what will be the worth of the 49 percent that will remain with the original owners? I’m guessing that if the original owners have a modicum of intelligence, they’ll realise that it’s a total write off with a remaining value of zero. If they’re the kind of dreamers that toot about how enriching current third world immigration into the west is, the remaning value is probably negative as they’ll be scammed into investing more of their money into the companies that they no longer own.

    Oh, and the spokesman for the ruling Zanu-PF party? His name is Psychology Maziwisa? Really? My thoughts regarding naming your child “Psychology” would no doubt render accusations of racism in some circles.

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