Adnan Oktar cult



That pro-Israel folks are taken in by this huckster and his Stepford wives is beyond me.


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A promotional video for Islam is antithesis of Islam

Greg LaurenWhoever produced this video hired stars from a bad Turkish soap opera or maybe a 90s porn set, to talk about how Islam promotes “good moral values”. I think there was also a transvestite peppered in at one point. Moreover, it’s filmed in front of backgrounds of NYC…which is kind of strange, unless America already became a caliphate and I just didn’t get the memo.

These guys are one of two things: useful idiots or liars.

And of course Islam encourages democracy, especially when people elect tyrannical Islamist regimes into power. It encourages loving women so much that you rape them and then stone them to death for adultery…this includes the women in this video, who would most likely be prime targets.

Islam encourages the struggle against Stalinism, Leninism, Communism and Fascism, as it emulates them in every political sphere it’s been.

Islam denounces terrorism, anarchy and wars…while at the same time being the #1 proponent of all three in the world. Islam encourages respect for all faiths, so much so that anyone who is NOT a Muslim is called an infidel.

There is no compulsion or force in Islam…not counting the fact Islam translates as “submission” or “surrender”.

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  1. Westerners are ill-equipped to deal with the straight-out, bald-faced, easily disprovable lie. We simply aren’t expecting anybody to trash his own reputation so lightly by making statements that can be refuted by simply pointing to an article or a book or a study. The thing is, that the Arab God, “Allah”, boasts in the Quran about being, not only a liar, but the greatest liar in the universe. In other words, to a Muslim, lying is not a bad thing, but rather an imitation of what Allah does himself, and therefore religiously sanctioned behavior. Remember that in our culture, just a few short years ago, if you were to say to someone, “You sir, are a damnable liar!”, you could very well find yourself duelling with pistols at dawn. It’s illegal to call someone a liar in the House of Parliament because, well, gentlemen simply don’t stoop so low. Well I’ve got news, folks. Muslims don’t have a problem with stooping when it comes to defending Islam…

    Oh, yeah. And every word in that video is a damnable lie. Islam is the exact opposite of everything those gorgeous models are saying…

  2. Actions speak louder than words. In this case, the words do not even match the actions.

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