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This race baiting farce has gone on long enough, time to end it before this administration launches riots in every big city in America.

Eric Holder is a radical Leftist ideologue, a true believer in PC politics and a supporter and promoter of the idea that America is racist to the core, so it should hardly come as a surprise that this radical, a lying icon of the Democrat party is trying to secure another trial for the recently vindicated George Zimmerman.

The Democrat party is the party of racism, where it once used racism as a tool for party allegiance, it now uses racism in a faux humanitarian way, with the end game being the same, party allegiance, and good hearted suckers and fools buy into it lock, stock and barrel.

The Left need to stoke the fires of discontent, constantly, in order to rule and divide the people, as they scheme to take more and more liberty away from the people, under the guise of ‘protecting them and society’. These race ‘snake oil’ salesmen know how to hustle the public, using touch button incidents like an interracial person of Peruvian decent defending himself from a vicious attack from a black teen, and turn it around into a white vs. black racial attack in order to inflame the public. Utterly disgusting.

NOTE: Yet another Democrat racebaiter for political purposes, utterly shameless.

zimmerman stop the witch hunt 17.7.2013

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Robert labeled the effort a “witch hunt,” asking, “How many other individuals has the DOJ witch-hunted in this way? I think that the state of FL when they embarked on their malicious prosecution of George would have liked nothing more than for he FBI to uncover any sign of racism that could be attributed to George. The FBI interviewed three dozen people who were close to George for any indication that George was a racist or had racist tendencies. What their investigation revealed thus far is that quite the opposite is true.

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