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Tommy and Kevin EDL

Following the illegal publication (on numerous racist websites) of this video purporting to show that the arrest of Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll was somehow unfair, we wish to provide the following points of clarification.

  1. Both Mr Robinson and Mr Carroll are clearly wearing identical tea-shirts which are predominantly black in colour. This is proof that they are part of a conspiratorial fascist blackshirt army intent on destroying the entire social fabric of the United Kingdom.
  2. Both Mr Robinson and Mr Carroll are speaking in an extreme working class dialect, a clear indication of anti-multiculteralism.
  3. Both Mr Robinson and Mr Carroll are walking at a brisk pace that is fully consistent with intent to do harm to a Muslim place of worship.
  4. Prior to the ‘confrontation’ Mr Robinson can clearly be heard whistling, which is known to be a racist call to arms.
  5. Mr Carroll alleges that he was the victim of an “unprovoked assault”. However, note the aggressive manner in which Mr Carroll attempts to stop himself being hit.
  6. Moreover, the man (who we can confirm is a Mr Carl Marks of Islington) who allegedly “assaulted” Mr Carroll” was, in fact, acting in self-defence. Seconds before the assault Mr Robinson can clearly be heard talking about “tensions in the community” and “violent mob”.  This was a manifest signal that Mr Robinson and Mr Carroll were themselves about to launch an unprovoked violent attack against Mr Marks.
  7. Despite the obvious aggression and intent of Mr Robinson and Mr Carroll the Met Police showed considerable restraint in not arresting the pair until they committed the grave offence of walking in London without the express permission of Sheik Abu Qatada.

More here.

Here’s the video of the farce that is the UK police


Then listen to Pat Condell’s latest.

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  1. The BBC hates the EDL, and believes it is the worst form of Nazism. So even of they were so, I would like to know how many little girls they have raped, how many bombs they have exploded in public places, or how many people they have “honour” killed?

    Still, the BBC is the mouthpiece of the British government. When the government tells it to change tune, they will do so. At that time, so will the police and the judiciary.

    Pat Condell inadvertently states that we have become cowards because we don’t believe in anything

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn
    “Men Have Forgotten God” – The Templeon Address




  2. The question arises, why is that Western governments so afraid of the Muslims within.

    In times of national emergency, war, etc., subversive speech it been historically accepted that free speech is circumscribed, as it can harm the war effort. in the UK as well as the US.

    Over the last ten years, the US, UK , and the entire Western world. have been waging what can reasonably be called a Crusade against Islam. Even installing sharia governments in place of reasonable dictatorships such as Mubarak’s, is acceptable, as a sharia government is quite incapable of running an economy. Thus the people in those countries suffer even more. This is what we are seeing in Egypt, and other countries we have liberated. Its a very high price that is being exacted post 9/11.

    Part of the strategic requirements of this war requires that all Western governments vehemently deny that we are at war with Islam. We have been so successful in this objective, that we have completely neutered any attempt by Muslim countries to oppose us as a combined military or political force. We even use their territory as bases to launch wars on an adjacent Islamic country.

    The result is that we have defeated the entire Muslim world, one country after another, destabilised the entire Islamic world, and reduced it to chaos, with minimal forces and casualties.

    Again, part of the strategic war requires that Western government do every thing in their power not to give Muslims in the West any reason to complain or voice their discontent. If we did not do this, then Muslims will demonstrate, and quite rightly too, and there are many among us who will side with them.

    The last thing one wants when conducting war operations abroad, is to have unrest at home. Thus appeasing Muslims is policy in the entire Western world, no exceptions, as part of the general strategy of the global war.

    In this context, it is understandable why Robert Spencer and Pamella Geller were refused entry to the UK. The above two can travel to Canada, as there is free movement between the US and Canada, but no such treaty exists between the US and the UK. In a similar manner, the Schengen treaty allows all Europeans to travel within the Schengen area. Thus Geert Wilders can travel freely in the Schengen area. However, the UK has not signed the Schengen treaty, thus the government had the right to refuse entry to Geert Wilders.

    Why dies the UK do this? It is for the reasons outlined. The UK is a major contributor in this global war, at the same time, it has large number of highly excitable Muslims in the UK.

    This may explain why the Home Secretary refused admission to Robert Spencer and Pamella Geller, and also Geert Wilders.

    But things are going to change once we have completed our mission. From 2013 onwards, once our troops are back, the wind will change.

    It also follows that once we, i.e., the US and the UK, are out of Afghanistan, the winds are likely to change.

  3. Nice piece of satire. You nearly had me fooled, KGS. Shows you exactly how low my opinion of the UK government is. I almost thought they’d really written up such a crackpot communiqué !

  4. The UK government fears what it cannot control. Therefore the coming down hard on any group or individual who will not march in locked step with the UK’s political agenda.

  5. “note the aggressive manner in which Mr Carroll attempts to stop himself being hit”

    This peice is satire but an argument to that effect was actually made by someone.

  6. Heh hehe heh, oh dearie me, funny as, but sadly true alas.

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